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Nintendo Legetta
The Legetta logo, seen everywhere related to Legetta
Developer(s) Nintendo
Manufacturer(s) ASUS
Console Type Home console
Generation 9th
Release Date(s)
October 28th 2018
Media Blu-Ray
CPU Intel Core i7
GPU Metroidex
Cloud Downloading, 5K Graphics, Much compact Gamepad
Backward Compatibility Wii U, Wii
Predecessor Wii U
The Nintendo Legetta (japanesse: 任天堂GO POWER !, Nintendo GO POWER!) is a ninth genaration video game console by Nintendo and hardware created by ASUS that has a simmalar graphics and stuff like the Xbox One, but came out around the REXbox and PlayStation 5.

The Japanesse Legetta/GO POWER! logo



Austrailian Legetta/GO POWER! Logo

CPU: Intel Core i7


Graphics: Nintendo Metroidex Graphics Card (a updated Wii U graphics chip)

PSU: 400W

OS: LegettaOS/ GOS!


These are the announced games for the Legetta:

-Super Mario Field (Dev and Published by Nintendo)

-Metroid (Dev and Published by Nintendo)

-Pokemon WILD! (Dev by Nintendo's GO POWER SOFTWARE! division, published by Nintendo)

-Rayman Quest (Dev and Published by Ubisoft)

-Five Nights at Freddy's Trilogy (Dev by ScottGames, published by Konami)

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