Nintendo Land 2: Amiibo Park
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD 2
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Scheduled to spring 2015 (Japan)
Single-player, Multi-player
Age Rating(s)
E for everyone
Genre(s) Mini-game Collection
Series Nintendo Land
Predecessor Nintendo Land
Successor None
Media Included Optical Disc
Available Input Wii U gamepad, Wii remote, amiibo

Nintendo Land 2: Amiibo Park (ニンテンドーランド2アミーボ Nintendō randō tsu amibo') is a party video game developed by Nintendo EAD group and published by Nintendo. Since its announcement at a dedicated Nintendo Direct, the game is scheduled for a summer 2015 release. The game was announced to support amiibo.


The game is structured like its predecessor, containing a number of minigames. So far, 3 games have been revealed:

Minigame Description

Fire Emblem: On The Front Line

the player on the gamepad is the strategist, while the 4 other players are fighting on the battlefield. the strategist moves the players using the gampad's touchscreen.

field players act only in the battle scene, and can use the wii remote like a sword, a tome or horse reins to deal more damage (player's stats will grow depending on their fighting style).

each field player can assign an amiibo to his wii remote and stats, class & equipment will be saved to it (though Miis can be used too, but they're one-time).

The Legend Of ZELDA Dungeons

Different amiibo you scan will generate different dungeons. the whole gameplay session can be saved on the amiibo.

the gamepad player is the dungeon boss (mostly king dodongo) which roamss across the field, attacking players who are stupid enough to rage him. 

the other players are the 4 Links from Four Swords. they beat the countless enemies of the dungeon and gain a handful of weapons.



more coming soon!

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