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Nintendo Land 2
Developer(s) EAQ Inc.
Publisher(s) EAQ Inc.
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Genre(s) Party
1-5 players
Media Included Wii U disc

Nintendo Land 2 is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Wii U, and is the sequel to Nintendo Land. The game's setting is a theme park-like place containing a number of minigames based on various Nintendo franchises. The minigames will be played using the Wii U GamePad alongside up to four Wii Remotes, sometimes with Nunchuks.


Nintendo Land 2 will contain games based upon:


Originally, Miis are the only playable characters in the very beginning. While the player plays a lot of minigames, they might receive trophies with a character on them, which can be played as then too in the regio of their series.

Image Name Description Minigame series
NL2 Mario Mario "Mario, the red and blue plumber, is of course joining the games!" Mario

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