Nintendo Kingdom
Location Type Theme Park
Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule, Mute City, Animal Village, Nintendog Petting Zoo, Smash Land, Diamond City, Main Street

Nintendo Kingdom is a theme park located at Richmond, Virginia. It is the first theme park Nintendo had made, It features seven Nintendo worlds and 70+ shops and rides. Nintendo Kingdom has been known as the largest theme park based off of video games.

Development Of Park

Nintendo leaked a picture on Twitter of a roller coaster with Mario and other Nintendo Mascots riding on the ride in 2015. Three months later, Nintendo makes a YouTube channel called NinPark, with a video called "Welcome to the theme park"! As of June 15th, 2017, the channel has 395,539 subs.


Name Series Description
Mushroom Kingdom Mario Bros The happy and classic location! Meet Toad, Princess Peach, and the gaming hero himself, Mario!
Hyrule    Zelda Greetings from the most action packed place ever! Meet Princess Zelda, Ganon, and the hero of Hyrule, Link!
Animal       Village Animal Crossing Get off the train, and join a amazing, peaceful, town! Shop, eat, play, and maybe even get a hug from your Animal Crossing friends!
Smash Land Super Smash Bros Super...Smash...BROTHERS! Enter the world of this amazing game series, Meet some of gaming's greatest heroes! Maybe you could meet the blue bomber, the yellow pac, and other great game characters!!
Diamond City WarioWare Jump! Sidestep! Taunt! It's all here at Diamond City, Play with Wario, Ashley, 9-Volt, and all of the WarioWare INC crew!
Mute City F-Zero Very fast, and thrilling action! Meet Captain Falcon and other racers and race!
Nintendogs Petting Zoo Nintendogs Meet very cute and nice dogs, puppies, and all kinds of dogs! This place is very kid friendly but also good for all ages.

Trains and Monorails 

Name Type Description
Bowser Express Train The giant train from Super Mario 3D World, this train has a greeting room, (where you can be meet Nintendo themed characters) dining room, and a secert room that is hidden for VIP vistors.
Mii Monorail Monorail A monorail that features demos of Wii U games! It also includes Mii characters you can meet and greet!
Blue Falcon  Monorail A F-Zero themed monorail! Through 3:00PM-5:00PM, Meet and greet Captain Falcon!