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Nintendo Kart: Double Dash is the sequal to Nintendo Kart, released for the DS. It features 2 characters from some of the most popular series racing. In the game, you can choose from 2 characters, and a variety of karts. Every character has 2 karts, one default and one unlockable.


You move your kart with the D pad, and accelerate with the A button. All items are configured on the touch screen. Touch an item box to collect an item, then tap the Touch Screen to use it. There is also a map on the touch screen.

The characters are divided into Light, Medium, and Heavy. You can only pick a kart that matches your highest weight. (ex. Light and medium would be medium)

Light karts have the best acceleration, Medium has the best control, and heavy has the best speed.

Characters (INCOMPLETE)


Shows weight, series, and karts. Second kart is the secret one.

  • Mario (Medium) - Mario Series
    • Red Fire
    • Star Racer
  • Luigi (Medium) - Mario Series
    • Green Thunder
    • Speedstar
  • Pikachu (Light) - Pokemon Series
    • Thunder Jolter
    • Lightning Runner
  • Jigglypuff (Light) - Pokemon Series
    • Lullaby
    • Pink Pounder
  • Link (Heavy) - Legend of Zelda Series
    • Ocarina
    • Hero's Racer
  • Zelda (Medium) - Legend of Zelda Series
    • Farore's Wind
    • Epona Engine
  • Kirby (Light) - Kirby Series
    • Flame Wheeler
    • Final Speeder
  • King Dedede (Heavy) - Kirby Series
    • Wheeliemobile
    • Dedede Chariot
  • Ness (Light) - EarthBound Series
    • Starstormer
    • PK Sprinter
  • Lucas (Light) - EarthBound Series
    • PSI Wagon
    • PK Dasher


These racers are secret. They still only come with 1 kart, however. Listed in the order you normally unlock them in.

  • Toon Link (Light) - Toon Zelda Series
    • Wind Racer
    • Sea Speeder
  • Toon Zelda (Light) - Toon Zelda Series
    • Light Arrow
    • Royalty
  • Mega Man (Medium) - Megaman Series
    • Rush Moter
    • Mega Speeder
  • Proto Man ( ) - Megaman Series
    • Proto Speedster
  • Litle P (Light) - Litle P and Sandslash Series
    • P Buggy
    • Litle Motor
  • Sandslash P (Heavy) - Litle P and Sandslash Series
    • P Racer
    • Slash Motor


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