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Nintendo Kart is a game with similar gameplay to Mario Kart games! 
Nintendo Kart
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release Date(s)
Date Not Clarified
Grand Prix

Time Trial Ghost Data Vs Mode Battle Mode



  • Reunion Inn
  • Endless Vault of Akbadien 
  • Folsense (in the 3rd lap everything turns old, true folsense)
  • Mobile Fortress


  • Luigi Circuit
  • Mario Passage
  • Wario Casino
  • Walagi Passage


  • NES Overworld (Maze, the last part before the start post has to be went through 5 times!)
  • Ganon's Tower (10 floors with enemies, with spiraling stairs)
  • Kakariko Village
  • Death Mountain


Available From The Start

Professor Layton- Medium, has access to 'Layton Only' Karts!

Mario- Medium.

Luigi- Light

Princess Peach- Medium

Luke- Light

Flora- Light

Child Link- Light.

Linebeck- Medium, is the only racer who can use the Rupee Mobeal! 

Child Zelda- Light



Chancellor Cole- Unlocked after completing the Zelda in 50CC

Goomba- After wining 50 times

Koopa Troopa- After winning 50 times


Daisy- Unlocked after completing the Mario Course in 50CC!

Descole- Unlocked after completing the Layton in 100CC!

Emmy- Unlocked after completing the Layton in 50CC!

Fi- For having Skyward Sword save data on your wii, or by beating 20 expert ghost data records!

Adult Link- After completing the Zelda in 150CC!

Adult Zelda- After getting Link!


Malladus- After winning 100 races

Bellum- After winning 70 Races

Bowser- After winning every normal cup (Layton, Mario and Zelda)

Kotake- After completing a race in 1st place with Gannondorf

Xtra Large

Gannondorf- Collected after winning a cup with Gannon

Gannon- After winning a race with every character (Except for Gannondorf and Kotake)

Difference to Mario Kart

  • Instead of Lakitu, Don Pablo's flying machine picks up the player if it were to fall of the end!
  • There are 10 racers

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