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North American Boxart of Nintendo K
Developer(s) Leading Games, Nintendo, and Namco
Publisher(s) Nin (In Fandom of course)
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii
Nintendo DS
Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Kart Racing
Release Date(s)
1-4 Players (Local)
1-12 Players (Online)
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Nintendo Wii Disc
Nintendo DS Cartridge
Nintendo 3DS Cartridge

Nintendo K is a racing game created by Leading Games then Hybrid Co.. It is for the Wii, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS and has Wi-Fi Connection.

Nintendo K Channel

The Nintendo K channel is a channel that comes with Nintendo K, it features many extras. The channel tree is listed below.

  • Main Menu - The Main Menu of the channel, has all options.
    • DLC - The DLC station. Here you can download all extras.
      • DLC (Characters) - Here you can download characters.
      • DLC (Stages) - Here you can download cups and battle stages.
      • DLC (Music) - Here you can download extra music for tracks.
      • DLC (Karts and Bikes) - Here you can download vehicles for the game.
      • DLC (Items) - Here you can download more items for the game.
    • Trailers - Here you can watch trailers for this game, and other Nintendo and Leading Games games.
    • Concept Art - Here you can see concept art for the game.
    • Nintendo K - You go to the game, Nintendo K, if the disc is in.
    • Tournements - Twice a month a tournement will be held. Here, you can compete for first place.
      • Compete! - Compete in a tournement.
      • Compare! - Compare your time to everyone else's.

Playable Characters

Main Article: See here.
This game features many classic Nintendo characters, from games from the Nintendo Arcade games, Famicom, Famicom Disk System and Classic Game Boy.


Mushroom Cup

The Mushroom Cup has easier courses that are from the Super Mario series.

Course name Course owner Lap Count Description
Luigi's Circuit Luigi 3 A simple course designed by Luigi, includes many cameos from Luigi's adventures.
Mario Museum Mario 2 This museum, designed by Mario, has many elements from games he's appeared in.
Desert Hills Daisy, Tatanga 3 A nice warm desert, filled with sand and pyramids, located deep in Sarasaland.
Castle Princess Peach 4 A very cute castle, filled with lots of pink furniture.

Potion Cup

The Potion Cup has more average courses that are from the The Legend of Zelda series.

Course name Course owner Lap Count Description
Goron Racetrack Goron 3 The course that the Gorons of Termina race during the Spring months on Snowhead Mountain.
"Old Hyrule" Link 2 This land was the first land that was explored by the Hero of Time, Link.
Hyrule Castle Princess Zelda 3 A huge castle, with twists and turns.
Lost Woods Young Link, Skull Kid 3 A maze-like forest, with no one knowing who's in first, or last.

Maximum Cup

The Maximum Cup has harder courses that are from the Kirby series.

Course name Course owner Lap Count Description
City Trial Kirby 3 A city full of twists and turns with many ways to go.
Castle Dedede King Dedede 2 Thie castle that belongs to King Dedede is full of many traps. Watch out!
Halberd Meta Knight 3 A confusing airship, complete with enemies and shortcuts.
Dream Land Waddle Dee 2 A trip through Kirby's homeworld, complete with portals and shortcuts.

Sky Cup

The Sky Cup has hard courses that are from the Kid Icarus series, along with other Famicom-related courses.

Course name Course owner Lap Count Description
Palutena's Temple Palutena, Pit 3 A temple with many obstacles, enemies and ways to go.
Medusa's Castle Medusa 3 Medusa's castle full of traps and creatures! Watch out for the Eggplant Wizards!!
Tentei Club Boy, Ayumi Tachibana 3 The Tentei Club's confusing corridors and it's cliffside perils.
The Grassland Laughing Dog 2 A road through a forest, past a farm, and into the field of ducks, from Duck Hunt. If the Laughing Dog is not a racer, he will laugh at the player as they drive by.

Excite Cup

The Excite Cup has challenging courses that are from many Famicom games.

Course name Course owner Lap Count Description
Excite Stadium Excitebiker 3 The original track from the game Excitebike.
Desert Mach Rider 2 A desert-like course that is in the year 2112.
Laboratory Professor Hector, R.O.B. 3 A confusing futuristic laboratory with very tight turns and crashing gates.
Icicle Mountain Ice Climbers 2 An icy trail up the icicle mountain, with many twists and turns, along with Polar Bears and Topis blocking the way.



  • Mushroom - Mushrooms will make the user player go 2.5x faster than normal, for a short time. Also comes in groups of 3. You get this when you are in 5 place or under.
  • Ocarina of Tme - The Ocarina will stop the other racers cold for 2 seconds. You can only get the Ocarina if in last place.
  • Star Rod - The Star Rod fires a star that will home in on the racer in front of you. You can get this in any place.
  • Spinner - The Spinner makes the user spin around. The person can crash into an enemy and spin them out. You get this in any place.
  • Soccer Ball - The Soccer Ball will get kicked in front of you. It will bounce off any wall, like a green shell from Mario Kart. If it doesn't bounce off a wall, it will spin you out for longer.
  • Hammer - The Hammer allows you to pound any person that is ahead of you. It spins you out for long. You can only get the Hammer in 6-8 place.
  • Blue Spiny Shell - The Blue Spiny Shell will home into the person in first place, and will make them explode. There is only a 10% chance of getting this item, and can only get it in 7 or 8 place.
  • Smart Bomb - The Smart Bomb can be dropped by anyone on the track. It can explode. You can get it in 4-8 place.

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