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Nintendo Infinite

Nintendo Infinite is the name of the project which will according to Gaming Unlimited "change the way the world perceives videogaming"

The system is said to have hundred times more processing power than any other gaming console available, and that one free unit it will be delivered to every single household around the world, in addition the gaming console can be utilized from any television in said household free of charge.

Little is known about the list of games it will be available on launch, but it will come with free "house monitoring software" which will track and record everything from the health of the household inhabitants, to lesser important things, such as their bank account information and other things hardly worth mentioning.

List of games that will be available at launch:

- Mario Early Years: Fun with becoming a loyal henchman.

- Call of Duty 6: Perfect Soldier Simulation. (pain suit included)

- Hobo Haterz: Dah Cleanzing. (free lighter included)

- Druglord: The Perfect

- Super Wife Obedience Game! (Will be renamed overseas)

- Tetris Subliminals.

- Manhunt 3: Real and Uncensored.

- Unlimited Fitness: Soldier training for the whole family! (pain suit included)


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