F-Zero Extreme
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo HyperSphere
Release Date(s)
Grand Prix
Time Attack
Game creator
Age Rating(s)
ESRB (North America):E 10

PEGI (Europe):7+
CERO (Japan):A
OFLC (Australia):G
BBFC (United Kingdom):PG
USK (Germany): 6

Genre(s) Racing
Series F-Zero
Predecessor F-Zero GX (Nintendo Gamecube)

F-Zero Extreme is an F-Zero game for the Nintendo HyperSphere. It incorporates new features, such as new planets, tracks and physics-controlled flight.


The game requires memorization, skill, stradegy as well as knowledge in physics and mathematics, but the overall goal is to reach the finish line first while avoiding land mines, missiles, slip zones, falling over edges, crashing into opponents and buildings, and high g-forces. The physics of the track (such as gravity, speed and flight) depend on which planet the track is. All vehicles are supplied at the start with 3 missiles (which just go straight if dumbfired but can be locked to an opponent), 3 missile repelants and 1 stealth that lasts 30 seconds, and can be reloaded and resupplied along the track. In most parts of the track, it's racing through land, but sometimes, you need to gain enough speed to takeoff and fly without falling or diving (that would kill you) and then prepare for landing. There's a power level which decreases when using boosts, getting hit by a missile and crashing into slip zones, opponents or buildings, or experiencing very high g-forces (which occurs when accelerating too quickly) and can be replenished by the pit. Falling while flying or off an edge will instantaneously eliminate you. You can upgrade your car to have more speed, strength, recovery and resistance to higher g-forces.

There are 24 tracks on each planet, each with 4 cups (6 per each cup). There are 5 laps in each game.

Grand Prix

In Grand Prix, the goal is to race against 65 AI opponents in each track. There are six difficulties: Training (Extremley Easy), Beginner (Super Easy), Rookie (Very Easy), Novice (Easy), Apprentice (Somewhat Easy), Standard (Normal), Intermediate (Somewhat Hard), Advanced (Hard), Expert (Very Hard), Master (Super Hard) and Champion (Extremely Hard).

Time Attack

In Time Attack, the goal is to finish the track as fast as possible. You can race against your previous ghost as well as transfer your fastest ghost with other players and race against staff ghost and world record ghosts (requires online connection). The tracks are from what you completed on Grand Prix.


In VS mode, you can race from 2 to 65 AI and human-controlled racers, which you can play as single-player, multiplayer or online. The number of players and the difficulty of each AI-controlled player can be adjusted by the host or first-player, or team leader if separated into teams. It can be played with or without teams. You can also adjust the number of laps from 1 to 100.

Level Creator

Like F-Zero X Expansion Pack for the Nintendo 64DD and F-Zero Climax which was only released in Japan for the Nintendo GameBoy Advanced, it has track creator and can utilize Google Earth for tracks on any location on Earth (real world), Mars and the Moon.


Classic Controller

  • D-Pad/Left Trackball: Steer (Horizontal), Pitch (Vertical)
  • Camera Trackball: Change POV/Tilt head
  • C: Change HUD
  • B: Accelerate
  • A: Boost
  • X: Brakes, reverse
  • Y: Use stealth
  • Z: Look back
  • L/R: Drift/Skid
  • CL/CR: Side Attack
  • ZL: Use missile repellant
  • ZR: Use/Lock on missiles
  • Tilt controllers/console: Steer, pitch


Without Nunchuck

*Held horizontally

  • Tilt: Steer
  • 1: Breaks, reverse
  • 2: Boost
  • 3: Accelerate
  • A: Use missiles
  • B: Use stealth
  • C: Drift/Skid/Side attack
  • D: Use missile repellant
  • D-pad: Change POV

With Nunchuck

  • Trackball: Steer/pitch
  • A: Accelerate
  • B: Use boost
  • D-pad: Use stealth
  • 1: Breaks/reverse
  • C/Y: Drift/Skid/Side attack
  • D: Use missile
  • Z: Use missile repellant

Planets Tracks

Planet Name Information Tracks
  • Dominant Native Species: Humans
  • Population: 22.5 Billion
  • Type: Terra-oceanic


  • Diameter (d): 12 742 kilometers (km)
  • Circumference (C): 40 000 kilometers (km)
  • Density (D): 5.514 grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm^3)
  • Surface Area (A): 510 072 000 squared kilometers (km^2): 71% water, 29% land


  • Gravity (g): 9.80665 meters per squared seconds (m/s^2)
  • Escape velocity(ve):11.186 kilometers per second (km/s)
  • Moment of inertia factor: 0.3307 polar moment of inertia per mass times radius squared (c/mr^2)
  • Temperature (T): -89 degrees Celsius (°C) mínimum to 57 degrees Celsius (°C) máximum (15 degrees Celsius (°C) average)


  • Chemicals:
    • 75% Nitrogen (N2)
    • 16% Oxygen (O2)
    • 5% Carbon dioxide
    • 1% Water vapor (humidity)(H2O)
    • 3% Other
  • Surface pressure: 101.325 kilopascals (kPa)
  • Density (ρ)1.225 kilograms per cubic meters (kg/m^3)
Ninja Cup
  • Mute City I
  • Port Town I
  • Casino Palace I
  • Beach Island I
  • Bianca City I
  • Nuclear Desert I

Samurai Cup

  • Lightning I
  • Port Town II
  • Mistery Jungle I
  • Beach Island II
  • Bianca City II
  • Nuclear Desert II

Daimyo Cup

  • Mute City II
  • Mistery Jungle II
  • Casino Palace II
  • Beach Island III
  • Blizzard Trail I

Shogun Cup

  • Mute City III
  • Nuclear Desert III
  • Casino Palace III
  • Lightning II
  • Blizzard Trail I
Big Blue (Kepler-22b)
  • Dominant Native Species: Various
  • Population: 500 million
  • Type: Oceanic