See also Nintendo HyperSphere, which is part of project Eagle.

Nintendo Google "Eagle"
Nintendo Google "Eagle"
Developer(s) Nintendo
Manufacturer(s) Samsung
Product Family Ellipse Family
Console Type Hybrid (handheld console (main) and home console); handheld; palmtop personal computer; smartphone (phablet)
Generation Tenth generation
Online Connectivity Wi-Fi
Discontinued early-mid 2030's
Units sold est. 200M+
Media mini magneto-UIHD (Ultraviolet-Infrared Holographic Disc)
SD card
USB port
Digital Distribution
CPU AMD "Bravery" (modified;semi-custom)
GPU nVIDIA "Freedom" (modified;semi-custom)
Memory 4 terabyte solid state hybrid drive created by Seagate
Voice Assistant
Parental Controls
Wireless (solar) charge
Desktop Menu
Lock Screen
Accessibility options
Intergrated artificial intelligence ("Robotto")
Forward Compatibility Nintendo Ellipse 2 (early ones)
Predecessor Nintendo NX (ninth generation
Successor Nintendo Ellipse 2 (tenth generation

The Nintendo Google "Eagle" is a tenth generation hybrid console developed by Nintendo and Google, and manufactured by Samsung, with "Foreshadow" OS. It is a later design of the Nintendo HyperSphere which is also part of Project Eagle, but cancelled due to the development and release of the Nintendo NX. The game console was released in the late-2010's or early-2020's as a successor to the Nintendo NX to compete with the PlayStation 6, the tenth generation XBox, or other possible competing game consoles. Like its predecessor, it will also be a handheld/home console hybrid, with the power of high-end laptop computers of its time, with some smartphone features.

Technical specifications

Specifications are subject to change
The technical specification includes:

  • Central Processing Unit:
    • AMD "Bravery": Deca-core Zen+ x86-64 CPU @ 3.5 GHz with 16 megabyte L2 Cache.
    • AMD K12 (ARM64) auxiliary quad-core CPU
  • Intergrated Video Card:
    • nVIDIA "Freedom": Volta microarchitecture with CUDA support
    • 2 gigabyte of video random access memory (VRAM)
    • miniHDMI port
  • Audio Processing Unit:
    • Yamaha "Liberty"
  • Memory:
    • 64GB of flash electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (Flash EEROM) by Samsung Electronics. Contains the system BIOS and the operating system.
    • 16 gigabyte ferroelectric random access memory (FeRAM).
    • 1.3 inch 4 terabyte SATA solid-state hybrid disk (SSHD)


Expected video game releases

This list is incomplete

First-party and Partnered

Physical Media

  • Mario Kart X
  • New Super Mario Bros. 4
  • Super Mario 3D World 3
  • Super Mario Galaxy 4
  • Mario Maker 3D
  • Mario Party 13
  • Super Mario Sports Mix Extreme
  • Super Mario Sunshine [Remake]
  • Paper Mario [Remake]
  • Super Princess Peach 2
  • Mario & Luigi: Princess Quest/Mario & Luigi RPG 7
  • Paper Mario: A New Dimension
  • Mario & Sonic at the 2022 Beijing Winter Games
  • Donkey Kong Country: Jungle Furry
  • Diddy Kong Racing 3
  • Metroid Apocalypse
  • Metroid Prime: Saga of Sylux
  • Metroid Classic
  • Kid Icarus: Feud of the Gods
  • Fire Emblem Destiny
  • F-Zero Overdrive
  • F-Zero Hover Skating
  • The Legend of Zelda: Haunting Nightmare
  • The Legend of Zelda: Revenge of Ganondorf
  • Pokémon Copper and Nickel
  • Pokémon Zinc
  • Pokémon Pinball: Lapis and Garnet
  • Pokémon DarkBlack and LightWhite
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Beyond
  • Pokemon CosmicBlack & StellarWhite
  • Star Fox: Cosmic Warfare
  • Earthbound Trilogy/Mother 1+2+3
    • Earthbound Begginings/Mother
    • Earthbound/Mother 2
    • Earthbound: The Legend of the Sleeping Dragon/Mother 3
  • Pikmin 5
  • Animal Crossing: Forrest Safari
  • Pilotwing Supersonic
  • Splatoon Fiasco
  • Golden Sun: The Rise
  • Super Smash Bros. Rampage!!!
  • Punch Out!!!
  • CyberWars
  • Brain Age Luminosity
  • Nintenpets

Digital Distribution

  • Angry Birds & Sonic

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