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Gamecube Advance
Logo of the Gamecube Advance.

Developer(s)| Nerdude Institutes

Console Type| Gaming Console

Release Dates|

NA: May 25, 2013

EU: August 19, 2013

AUS: August 29, 2013

JP: November 30, 2013

Backward Compatibility| Gamecube

Developer(s) | Nerdude Institutes

Console Type | Gaming Console

Release Date | TBA 2013

Backward Compatibility | Gamecube

Gamecube Advance a household videogaming console developed by Nerdude360 in 2013. It is an updated version of Nintendo's 4th main gaming system, the GameCube.


The console is similiar to the Gamecube, but updated to todays expectations. The system allows you to change the lighting, sound and other features in the main menu and from most game menus. The system also features wireless controllers, along with special batteries that can last as long as 8 months. Each controller has an LED Light built in to show things, such as battery power left and other game-specific things. Along with special "Advance" Controllers, the originals may be used.

Game Squares

Game Points are earned while playing a game. If you have one hundred Game Points you can get a DLC at the AdvancE-Shop. If you earn 1,000 game points you can get a Game at the Advance-Shop

Virtual Console

Every week a new Virtual Console game comes out. And there are Months which are Categories and it goes like this:

  • January- Special (Special Games Will Be Released Each Week Of This Month )
  • Febuary- Gamecube (Gamecube games will be released each week of this  month)
  • March- DS (DS games will be released each week of this month)
  • April- N64 (N64 games will be released each week of this month)
  • May- SNES (SNES games will be released each week of this month)
  • June- NES (NES games will be released each week of this month)
  • July- Gameboy (Gameboy games will be released each week of this month)
  • August- Gameboy Advance (Gameboy Advance games will be released each week of this month)
  • September- Forgotten (Forgotten games will be released each week of this month)
  • October-Virtual Boy  (Virtual Boy games will be released each week of this month
  • November- Remakes (Remake games willl be released this month
  • December- Popular (Popular games will be released this month)





Name of controller Picture of controller Description of Controller
Gamecube Controller GameCube Controller The original controller. Although the old ones may be used, updated, wireless ones were release for the consoles debut.
Advance Controller Game cube A new controller. Some of the many features include LED Lights, wireless connectivity and additional buttons that can be used in new games. And when you flip it upside down it has a touch screen with  no buttons surrounding it  (EXCEPT FOR OF COURSE THE R, Z And L BUTTONS) 


Downloads from the AdvancE-Shop



  • Balloon Fight Rises!
  • Zelda: RPG
  • Mario Life


  • Just Dance Nintendo


  • Luigi 64
  • Minecraft Nintendo: MODS
  • Mario & Luigi 64  N64 Texture
  • Mario & Luigi 64: Peach Character

Virtual Console

  • Gamecube: Mario Kart Double Dash!!
  • Gamecube: Luigis Mansion
  • Gamecube: Mario Sunshine
  • Gamecube: Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • Gamecube: Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat
  • N64: Mario 64
  • N64: Diddy Kong Racing
  • DS: Mario 64 DS
  • NES: Balloon Fight
  • NES: Donkey Kong
  • (SPECIAL!!) Wii: Mario Galaxy
  • SNES: Super Mario Kart


Virtual Console

  • Gamecube: All Gamecube Games are 15.00$
  • N64: All N64 Games are 10.00$
  • DS: All DS Games are 7.00$
  • SNES: All SNES Games are 3.00$
  • NES: All NES Games are 00.99 cents
  • The Wii Special Game: The Wii Special Game Is 30.00$


  • Luigi 64: 2.00$
  • Mincraft Nintendo: MODS: 10.00$
  • Mario & Luigi 64: N64 Texture: .99 cents
  • Mario & Luigi 64: Peach Character: 1.50$


  • Just Dance Nintendo: 39.99$


  • All Adventure Downloads are 15.00$


  • Cubemen!: Create avatars to use in games.
  • AdvancE-Shop: But software online.
  • CUBE PLAYER: Play through the disc launcher.
  • Cubeworld: Wi-Fi settings  and play with friends
  • Cuber - Cuber: Photos and Video fun
  • Recube: Records and challenges

Theese represent your main Home which is called the Main Cube but if you download things from the internet you can make a Megacube which has unlimited space


Original Bundle         350.00$

  • Hdmi Cable
  • 50 GB
  • Advance Controller Orange
  • Cube Launcher
  • Advance Charger

Advance Bundle           400.00$

  • Hdmi Cable
  • 60 GB
  • Advance Controller Red
  • Cube Launcher XL
  • Advance Charger
  • Gamecube Controller Red
  • Mario & Luigi 64

Nostalgia Bundle       450.00$

  • Hdmi Cable
  • 50 GB
  • Advance Controller Turqoise
  • Cube Launcher Nostalgia Edition
  • Gamecube Controller Turqoise
  • Nes Controller Turqoise
  • Snes Controller Turqoise
  • N64 Controller Turqoise
  • Mario Sunshine
  • Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream ( Mike Tysons Punch Out )
  • The  Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past
  • Super Mario 64

Minecraft Bundle        420.00$

  • 55 GB
  • HDMI Cable
  • Advance Controller Green
  • Cube Launcher ( MINECRAFT DESIGN )
  • Gamecube Controller Green
  • Includes Minecraft Features For Cubemen!
  • Minecraft: Nintendo Edition

Beta Version

The beta version looks like this and is the only footage of beta:

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