Nintendo GameTab
The original design
Developer(s) Genotype Studios
Console Type Handheld
D-Pad, AXBY Buttons, Start Button
Backward Compatibility Wii U, Nintendo 3/DS

The Nintendo GameTab is a handheld console, albeit with a larger screen.


Item Specifications

Intel i7 Quad-Core (2.8GHz) (America, Australia and Europe)

IBM PowerPC Multi-Core "Espresso" (Asia and Africa)

Intel Haswell Tri-Core (3.1GHz) (All, 2015)

Intel i5 Quad-Core (2.5GHz) (Worldwide, cheaper)

GPU 550 MHz AMD Radeon "Latte"
Storage Space 12 GB, 24 GB, 36 GB, 62GB


The GameTab shows off its impressive graphics in this game. However, the game for the GameTab will be released  3 months after the Wii U version.

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