Nintendo Galaxy Slam is a BasketBall game for the Nintendo wii,DS, and 3DS. Even though it's not a fighter and not using the name it's part of the smash bros. series


The Evil alien Tatanga comes to the videogame world and challenges the nintendo's(and some third party heroes) to a game of Basketball. But the tatanga's gang mutates theirselves with the power of every NBA superstars talent into The BIG BAD SCREAM TEAM. Now with the help of High School kids they might be able to save both worlds.


Hero SSB Melee Brawl Series
Bowser N Y Y Mario
Captain Falcon Y Y Y F-Zero
Diddy Kong N N Y Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Y Y Y Donkey Kong / Mario
Dr. Mario N Y N Mario
Falco N Y Y Star Fox
Fox Y Y Y Star Fox
Ganondorf N Y Y The Legend of Zelda
Ice Climbers N Y Y Ice Climber
Ike N N Y Fire Emblem
Jigglypuff Y Y Y Pokémon
King Dedede N N Y Kirby
Kirby Y Y Y Kirby
Link Y Y Y The Legend of Zelda
Lucario N N Y Pokémon
Lucas N N Y EarthBound (Mother)
Luigi Y Y Y Mario
Mario Y Y Y Mario
Marth N Y Y Fire Emblem
Meta Knight N N Y Kirby
Mewtwo N Y N Pokémon
Mr. Game & Watch N Y Y Game & Watch
Ness Y Y Y EarthBound (Mother)
Olimar N N Y Pikmin
Peach N Y Y Mario
Pichu N Y N Pokémon
Pikachu Y Y Y Pokémon
Pit N N Y Kid Icarus
Pokémon Trainer N N Y Pokémon
R.O.B. N N Y Nintendo's Robot Series
Roy N Y N Fire Emblem
Samus Y Y Y Metroid
Snake N N Y Metal Gear
Sonic N N Y Sonic the Hedgehog
Toon Link N N Y The Legend of Zelda
Wario N N Y Wario / Mario
Wolf N N Y Star Fox
Yoshi Y Y Y Yoshi / Mario
Young Link N Y N The Legend of Zelda
Zelda/Sheik N Y Y The Legend of Zelda
Zero Suit Samus N N Y Metroid

New Characters

Tyler James

Emily OS

Jake T

Keke Palmer

Dylan Sprouse