The Nintendo GX-100 is a ninth generation console produced by Nintendo and X1 Games. The console was released on November 15, 2018 and is the successor to the Wii U and 3DS and primarily competes with the Playstation 5, IGame, and XBOX Turbo consoles produced by Sony, Apple, and Microsoft respectively. The console will have 26 games at launch. (6 are first party, while 20 are third party).


A Double Use

The console combines home console and portable console gaming. When in home use, the Actionpad (Main controller) is used as the primary controller. When you are on the go, the Actionpad acts as the main console and all your game data is digitally transferred into it.

Backwards Compatibilty

The console is backwards compatible with all Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, DS, Wii, and Gamecube games. Other consoles, like the N64, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advanced, SNES, NES, Virtual Boy, Sega Genisis, and Neo Geo Pocket, are supported via Virtual Console.


Title Image Developer Description
Super Luigi Heros. TBA The original controller. Although the old ones may be used, updated, wireless ones were release for the consoles debut. Work together to save Mario from an ancient evil. Play as Luigi, Toad, Princess Daisy, Waluigi, and Nabbit and work together to save Mario!

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