Nintendo Freestyle Party


Nintendo Freestyle Party is a game published by Nintendo. It was released for the Nintendo Wii.

Game Features

General Information

This whole game is about a party being held at Princess Peach's Castle. The party takes place in every room, but each room has a rank. The player plays with their Mii. The point of the game is to become cooler at the party. The cooler you get, the more rooms you can unlock, and the better you get at more of the game's features.

Cool Meter

The Cool Meter is a meter set on the side of the screen. It starts out on zero, but the cooler you become, the higher it gets. As the meter gets higher, it gets harder to get it to rise. Once you get the meter up to a ten, it can no longer rise, and you become the life of the party. When you are the life of the party, everybody there respects you, you can go in any room, every girl will like you, and you get unlimited access to everything.


While at the party, you can find girls (or boys) to flirt with, depending on you Mii's gender. All of the girls have come from some series. When you flirt with girls, they begin to either like or dislike you. How cool you are on your Cool Meter can really effect how you interact with them. You can talk, compliment, hug, kiss, or even arange dates in a closet with all of the people you flirt with. Once you become the life of the party, all of the girls will like you no matter what you say.

Becoming Cooler


Outside of Princess Peach's Castle, Pokemon run wild. You can buy Poke Balls at the store, and capture them. Once you catch a pokemon, you can bring it into the party, and it will raise your Cool Meter very much.


You can earn money by helping out at the party, and doing numorous tasks for party guests. You can spend the money at the shop.


Clothes can be bought at the store. Various clothes items make you cool, or less cool. The cooler you get, the more and better clothes are shipped to the shop.

Party Guests

List coming soon...