The Nintendo Firecracker is a portable Nintendo game system made by Combustion Games. It has two screens, a touch screen, and a normal screen. It has a camera. It also has a screenshot button so you can use take pictures of the screen while playing. You can connect it to a television and play with the TV as the screen. It has an internet connection so you can buy TNT games. (incomplete)


Screen CAM

The Screenshot Camera (Screen CAM) is a screenshot feature that comes with the Nintendo Firecracker. Turn it on by checking the SCREENSHOT checkbox in the features menu of Settings. It comes checked in default. When this is on, you're able to take photos of the image on the screen by simply pressing the CAMERA button. The screen image (top screen + touchscreen) will be saved to your photo album.

Buttons Edit

Circle Pad

Control Pad

A Button

B Button

X Button

Y Button

L Button

R Button

Z Button

C Button

1 Button

2 Button

Pause Button

Home Button

Select Button

Start Button

Power Button

Camera Button

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