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Mario - New Super Mario Bros U

Mario's appearance in the first Nintendo Fighters

Mario is a default character in Nintendo Fighters. Being Nintendo's mascot, it is obvious that he would be in. It is likely that he will return in future sequels.


Nintendo Fighters

  • Standard Special: Fireball: Mario throws a fireball, dealing a small amount of damage.
  • Side Special: Koopa She'll Kick: Mario kicks a koopa shell, which deals a lot of damage to whoever it comes in contact with.
  • Up Special: F.L.U.D.D: Mario uses F.L.U.D.D. To get higher up in the air. This is Mario's recovery move.
  • Down Special: Ground Pound: Mario performs a ground pound, damaging whoever is hit with the ground pound as well as emitting small shock waves upon landing.
  • Final Smash: Mario Finale: Mario shoots a large wave of fire, dealing massive damage.

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