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Nintendo Fighter Sun Quest

Nintendo Fighter Moon Quest

Developer(s) -BaptIce@29-
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS/WII U
Release Date(s)
1-2 Player
Age Rating(s)


Genre(s) Arcade,Battle
Series The legend of Zelda,
Predecessor Null
Successor  ???
Media Included Nintendo 3DS cartridge/Ninendo WII U Disk


Nintendo Fighter Quest Sun / Moon Quest is a game of both action and peradventure that includes several world of Nintendo franchise.Sun Quest is available on 3DS while the Moon Quest is available for the Nintendo Wii U


The gameplay of this game was inspired to Super Smash Bros serie but it is a 3D style

Héros of Universe

Picture name universe gameplay Description Universe obtaigning
MARIO Mario Super mario Mario will help you using the power He jumps up high enough but not very vitele court Princess Peach been kidnapped by Bowser and Mario must save her that you help by you -
DONKEY KONG Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong can help by destroying the object donkey kong does not jump high but not too big climb on the vine Island of Kong was invaded by the great King K rool you must save the island of Kong
LINK NF Link The Legend of Zelda Link just cut grass and can more easily beat the enemy sword is more it can ward off attacks thanks to his shield The lord of evil invaded and kidnapped Zelda hyrule you must defeat the demon and save
KIRBY Kirby Kirby Kirby just suck enemy to win power and low swell like a balloon to avoid falling
PIKACHU NF Pikachu Pokémon
SAMUS Samus Metroid
NESS NF Ness Earthbound
MARTH Marth Fire Emblem
PIT NF Pit Kid Icarus

Professor Layton


Professor Layton

Wii Fit Trainer


Wii Fit