Nintendo Evo
Developer(s) EvoN
Console Type Home Console
Unique online point system

Core Hub Online Memory: 5TB on a server

Offline Memory: 50GB

Starter Kit Memory: 10GB

Nintendo Evo is a video game console created by EvoN. It is a muiltimedia system, but it's main focus is playing video games. It was released in December of 2010 in Japan and Januarary of 2012 in all other countrys.

Online Games

In order to play games online, you must purchase Online Points at the Point Shop. FOr everytime you access the internet, you lose an Online Point, and when you run out you must buy more before you go online again.


In 2006, the video game development company EvoN created a deal with Nintendo to create a DVD player that would hook up to the Gamecube. Nintendo agreed, but soon the console died out and the deal was forgotten. However, in 2009, EvoN asked again, this time wanting to create a whole new system. Nintendo went with the idea, and soon the Nintendo Evo was born.

Prices and subtypes

There are two types of the Nintendo Evo: Core Hub and Starter. The Core Hub has a larger memory and is the only one released in Japan, while the Starter Kit costs less.

  1. Starter Kit: $269.99, £189.99, not released in Japan
  2. Core Hub: 19500 Yen, £159.99, $199.99