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 Nintendo Entertainment Generations is a fighting game that features tons of video game characters that appeared in Nintendo consoles. The game is being made by Blecki Hearts Productions and Nintendo. The game is NOT going to be released for a console, as it's a "What If?" project. This is meant to be like the game Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, so it's basically more like a little project rather than an original game with new gameplay mechanics. To know more about the gameplay, click here.

Playable Characters

  • Image: self-explanatory
  • Name: self-explanatory
  • Series: self-explanatory (only 2 characters per series; excluding spin-offs)
  • Description: Talks about the character and their attributes in battle.
  • Minion- A little friend that is unlocked after completing the characters's story in Arcade Mode. They appear in the character's intro and after battle pose, and also appear when you KO all the opponents in the battle field. They have no significance in battle, they're are just fun little beings based characters that have relationships with the character.


Image Name Series Description Minion
Mario Jump NSMBU Mario Super Mario The brave and iconic plumber is ready to face some opponents that he never faced before! 


NSMBULuigi Luigi Super Mario/Luigi's Mansion TBA 250px-BooNSMBUBoo
TTYDPaperMario Paper Mario Paper Mario TBA Paper LuigiPaper Luigi
Sonic Wreck It Ralph Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog TBA TailsoeoTails
Linkcopy Link The Legend of Zelda TBA 100pxZelda
Kirbynew Kirby Kirby TBA MetaKnightFlightKRTDLMeta Knight
Redreal Red Pokémon TBA MewMew
Folder4000 fox Fox Star Foz TBA FalcoAssault3Falco
SamusPrime Samus Metroid TBA 1019821-487568 brawl metroid superMetroid
Bomberman White Bomberman Bomberman TBA Pretty BomberCute Pink
Megamannew Mega Man Mega Man TBA RollnewRoll
OriginsRayman1 Rayman Rayman TBA GloxboxOriginsGlobox
Maxwell 2 Maxwell Scribblenauts TBA SU LilyLily
185px-Pac-Man character art - The Adventure Begins Pac-Man Pac-Man TBA

MsPacman2Ms. Pac Man

DK Universe (1) Donkey Kong Super Mario/Donkey Kong TBA DiddyKongFortuneStreetDiddy Kong
Yoshioeo Yoshi Super Mario/Yoshi TBA Green Baby YoshiBaby Yoshi
Mickeyisepic Mickey Mouse Epic Mickey TBA OswaldOswald
Pitetris Pit Kid Icarus TBA PalutenaUprisingPalutena
OlimarBlank Captain Olimar Pikmin TBA LouieLouie
Wreck It Ralph Wreck-It Ralph Wreck-It Ralph TBA VanellopewirdisneyVanellope Von Shweetz
Drunk and dranko Drunk and Dranko Bubble Bobble TBA Zen-Chan
Marth3 5 Marth Fire Emblem TBA ShiidaFE3DSShiida
GXfalcon Captain Falcon F-Zero TBA JodySummerJody Summers
PrinceFluff Prince Fluff Kirby TBA DomWooleDom Woole
MKXL Mii Icon Mii Nintendo TBA MonitaMonita




  • Mario vs. Sonic 
  • Luigi vs. Pac-Man 
  • Kirby vs. Rayman 
  • Link vs. Marth 
  • DK vs. Wreck-It Ralph 
  • Samus vs. Capt. Falcon 
  • Red vs. Olimar 
  • White Bomberman vs. Mega Man 
  • Maxwell vs. Mickey Mouse 
  • Drunk and Dranko vs. Yoshi
  • Pit vs. Fox
  • Paper Mario vs. Prince Fluff








  • Strangely, Red's default look is from the manga, Pokémon Adventures.
    • He also has his team in the manga.

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