Nintendo Dolphin
Developer(s) Nintendo and Silver Bullet Games
Console Type Handheld
Release Date(s)
July 9, 2017
1080p HD Touch Screen
Backward Compatibility Gamecube Discs
Forward Compatibility Dolphin MiniDiscs, Nintendo eShop Download

The Nintendo Dolphin is a next generation handheld released after the Nintendo 3DS. It plays games on Dolphin Mini Discs manufactured by Silver Bullet Games, and unlike the DS and 3DS Systems, it only has one screen.


1.1 Nintendo Network

Similar to the Wii U and 3DS, the Dolphin uses Nintendo Network ID accounts for its core online features like Miiverse, and the Nintendo eShop.

1.2 Dolphin OS

The Dolphin system is the first Nintendo handheld that uses a more advanced operating system. Apps are organized on the homescreen similar to the 3DS and Wii U, but now multiple apps can be opened at one time, and games can be suspended completely, and you can open any installed software while a game is suspended. However, speed will drastically drop when a retail game is suspended.

Tech Specs


ARM Based Bullet EON @ 2.0GHZ
GPU Bullet Inspire 6 @ 1.5GHZ
OS Dolphin OS
Display 6" Capacitive Touch 1080p
Supported Media Dolphin MiniDisc, Gamecube Mini DVD, Nintendo eShop Downloads, JPG images, PNG images, AVI videos,  MP4 videos,
Ext. Ports 3.5mm headphone jack, SD Card Slot, Charging Jack
Memory 8GB, 16GB or 32GB internal storage, expandable SD Memory, Unlimited Cloud Storage (can only be used for game saves)

Dolphin OS Version History

0.9.6: Beta Version of Dolphin OS sent to developers with early Dolphin Devkits. Has many bugs and does not support the Nintendo eShop.

1.0: Original version on Dolphin systems at launch. Does not contain Miiverse or eShop apps, and cannot play certain Dolphin MiniDisc games or Gamecube games.

1.3: Adds Miiverse, Nintendo eShop and Gamecube support, as well as many major crash and bug fixes.

1.4: Bug fixes and stability improvements. Began to ship on all Dolphin handhelds a week after release.

1.4.3: Adds support for multiple eShop accounts and Backups of all game data. Bug Fixes.

1.4.4: Adds Bluetooth and Gyroscope support. Was only released on games requiring these features and wasn't OTA.

2.0: Allows Gamecube games to be suspended and installed directly to Dolphin systems. Gyroscope and Bluetooth features are unlocked on all systems. New Dolphin Gamer app is installed which gives out news, tips and tricks for players. Information is unique to each player depending on what games they own.

2.1: Dolphin Gamer app is replaced with NNID News, a less buggy feature installed into Miiverse. NNID News can be viewed on the User Profile section in Miiverse. You can now "subscribe" to communities.

2.3: MIiverse Stability improvements.

3.0.4: Adds support for Quick Access , a small pull down menu that contains subscribed Miiverse updates, a carousel of apps for quick access, and NNID News.

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