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Nintendo DS deluxe

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The Nintendo DS Deluxe is a handheld game system that is like Nintendo DS but with more features and larger size. It was released shortly after the Nintendo Holo Graphic TV.


  1. Wii U-like menu
  2. Is 3D (like the Nintendo 3DS)
  3. Can transport game to television (new)
  4. Bigger screen
  5. HD graphics
  6. Hologram projection (new)

Other facts

  • Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong many other NES Super Mario games were released in The Ultimate NES Mario Collection.
  • It was first released in green because of the release of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Which was also made for the system.
  • Mario Kart Dimensions was released by Fantendo.
  • A new Smash Bros'. game was released.

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