DSXApps are applications on the Nintendo DSX received through the DSX-Box. You may only keep them for 1 week (with the acception of Dodgeball) unless you meet certain conditions. This is a list of them, and what they do.


In Surf, your goal is to maintain balance on a surfboard using the stylus. When you stay on for 4 minutes and 12 seconds (the average staff record), a "big wave" comes in and if you balance on that, then that game is in the DSX-Box until you want to get rid of it. Other apps can still enter.


In Hike, you hike up a Mountain with the control pad (or stylus), and you must keep track of time and avoid animals and bears as well as maintaining hydration and energy. If you reach the top with over 153 Points (the average staff score), hard mode is unlocked, and if it is beaten with a score of 166 (the average staff score), this app stays in the DSX-Box.


In Mine, you mine for rare gems with the stylus to obtain money. Outside the mining shack, merchants might ask you to find a rare gem, and if you find it, you are rewarded with more money. This app is only temporary.


In Build, you just freestyle build buildings with the stylus. This app is only temporary.


In Tennis, you play tennis in tournaments, controlling your character with the stylus. If you win 10 tournaments, this app stays in the DSX-Box.


In Plane, you use the A,B, X, and Y buttons to tell the plane what to do (A=ascend, B=descend, X=fire, Y=u-turn). This app is only temporary, but was regarded by fans as the best app.


In Destroy, you guide either a tornado or a hurricane with the stylus to destroy cities and towns. Destroying 12 cities/towns gives you the app in the DSX-Box to keep.


In Paint, you free paint with the stylus, This app is temporary.


This app, called Design, has you use various controls to design clothes. This app is temporary.


The Run app has you control, with the control pad and A/B buttons, a runner as you run a marathon. If 7 marathons are won, this app can be kept.


Jump pits players in a battlefield as the jump to dodge cannonballs. Dodging 300 cannonballs wins you the app to keep.


Dodgeball is an app where you pick up and throw dodgeballs with the stylus. This app is kept no matter what.

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