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Nintendo Crisis is a cool crossover game that is for the Nintendo 3DS. It holds not only Nintendo Characters, but it holds Nintendo Games (you'll see what that means later).


It starts out with you making your character.

  • Name.
  • Gender.
  • Clothing.
  • Hair Style.
  • Other Face Customs.
  • Make a Logo.
  • 3DS Color.

After that, your ready to go. Your character goes to the store, and buys a new 3DS. He/She has fun with it. They play Super Mario Adventure, Animal Crossing: My Town, The Legend of Zelda: Toon Time, and other fun games. But then one day when player went to play the 3DS, the Starting Screen was poisoned! But he/she saw that he/she got someone on StreetPass, so they go to that. They see a Mii named Nitendo Mii, but he tells them the World of Nintendo is in danger, and only he/she can safe it. The player then feels dizzy, and passes out. He/She wakes up in a place that looks like StreetPass, and they see Nintendo Mii again. He says the same thing, and then tells you to fallow him. The game starts off from here.



A wonderful, grassy world, that takes place from StreetPass from the Nintendo 3DS. Here, you see things from the StreetPass Games, like Find Mii, or Flower Town, or even Mii Force! The boss of this world is Ultimate Ghost from Find Mii.

Animal Crossing: My Town

A world that represents Animal Crossing: New Leaf from the Animal Crossing Series. Here, you get to go through an already customized town, but can be customized by you if you have the game. The boss of this world is Mind-Controlled Tom Nook.

Super Mario Adventure

A world that represents Super Mario 3D Land from the Super Mario Series. Here, you go through a grassy world with lots of Donut Lifts, and the Airship. The boss of this world is False Bowser.

Pokemon Xtan

A world that represents Pokemon X from the Pokemon series. Here, you through sections of Lumoise City, and even fight the game's rival as a boss!

More Coming Soon!


  • There are going to be Trading Cards for this game, though none are known.

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