Nintendo City is a life-simulation game by SeventhHeaven and Nintendo. The game involves running a small town and moving in more residents, in this case, are Nintendo characters. It was released on the 7Si.

Originally, Nintendo City was going to be called Nintendo Island, a former project by SeventhHeaven, with the theme of rural life, instead of urban life, which was include in the released game. During development the game gained attraction after there was a leak on Twitter, which showed screenshots of the game. The amount of Nintendo characters from different games was originally thirty-four until later stages where it was upgraded to sixty-two. At the time the game was still very unknown and it was not until December 2017 that SeventhHeaven released a small video at the end of a 7HNews. In the final stages of development PWPs were added like those in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and in some MySims games. Nintendo City was announced at E3 on the 23rd of June 2017 and released on the 3rd of June 2019.


In June 2016, SeventhHeaven told GamesRadar about an upcoming survival island game with Nintendo characters, revealing that as the game was very undeveloped, it may not be coming out for up to four years. During the games production, several screenshots of the game were leaked on to Twitter, showing various aspects such as customisable houses, roads and public areas, which lead to the conclusion the game was no longer a survival island game. Furthermore, details of the 7H-2 console were also released showing the Amiibo reboot figures, being used on a non-Nintendo console. At E3 on the 23rd of June 2017, the game was officially shown on the 7H-2, as a non-playable demo. In the launch video, the camera follows the player's character talking to the different people around the town. The character was seen exiting his house and talking to Captain Falcon, Isabelle and Luigi, and an unknown character, who is known as Yuka, your 'travel buddy' and long time friend.


Features in the game include various town customization options, house customization, clothes customization and transport customization. You can also customise characters costumes, accessories and houses. As you rank up, more customization options become available to you.

The game also uses the internet to communicate with other players online and let them visit you. There is also 'trade servers' where players can trade characters with eachover, as long as they have gotten to that level. Furthermore, the internet also allows players to get exclusive furniture and jobs. The game also utilizes the amiibo reboot which makes it the first non-Nintendo console to utilize the feature. An amiibo character can be inserted in to the game, if it is in the games programming. For example, a Mario amiibo would move Mario into the town, whereas, a Palutena amiibo would not move Palutena in as she is not implemented in to the games code.


All characters in the game are either in a Nintendo game or are original Nintendo City characters.

Rank 0 Characters

These characters are available from the start, and can be moved in at any time.

Picture Name Original Series
Toad by banjo2015-d8mtjqm
Toad Super Mario
Isabelle SSB4mine
Isabelle Animal Crossing
Little Mac Punch-Out!
Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire May
May Pokemon
Dixie Kong Donkey Kong
Ice Climbers The Ice Climbers
NessSSBV Full
Ness Mother

Rank 1 Characters

Picture Name Original Series
Nikki Nintendo Letterbox
Plusle and Minun SSBCS - SSBIN
Plusle & Minun Pokemon
106px-Toadette - Mario Party 10
Toadette Super Mario
DJ Candy (MySims Kingdom DS)
DJ Candy MySims
Tingle The Legend of Zelda
Caeda Fire Emblem
Funky Kong Donkey Kong
Hero Dragon Quest
Iris & Axew Pokemon
Queen Bee Super Mario Galaxy
Shulk Xenoblade Chronicles

Rank 2 Characters

Picture Name Original Series
Anni Nintendo City
Victini Pokemon
Daisy SSBR
Daisy Super Mario
Red Lakitu from Mario Kart 7 By Shy Guy Yellow
Lakitu Super Mario
Ridley SSB4
Ridley Metroid
Dizzy Animal Crossing
Krystal StarFox
Alph & Rock Pikmin Pikmin
Maxwell Scribblenauts
Maxwell Scribblenauts
Skull Kid Legend of Zelda
Pink Gold Peach Mario Kart

Rank 3 Characters

Picture Name Original Series
Lubba by banjo2015-d8mrm7a
Lubba Super Mario Galaxy
250px-Bowserjr MP9-g
Bowser Jr. Super Mario
Isaac Golden Sun
Chespin Pokemon
Ashley Warioware
103px-Wario MP10
Wario Warioware
Starfy Legend of Starfy
Doshin Doshin the Giant
Professor Leyton Professor Leyton
150px-Yoshi - Mario Party 10
Yoshi Super Mario
Star MySims

Rank 4 Characters

Picture Name Original Series
256px-Peach - Mario Party 10
Peach Super Mario
Bowser Super Mario
Lucario Pokemon
Clemont XY
 Clemont Pokemon
Resetti Animal Crossing
Zelda OoT PM
Zelda Legend of Zelda
Sheik Legend of Zelda
Pac-Man Pac-Man
Samus Metroid
Link (alt 2) - The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD
Toon Link Legend of Zelda
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

Rank 5 Characters

Picture Name Original Series
233px-Mario - Mario Party 10
Mario Super Mario
716Xerneas XY anime
Xerneas Pokemon
Lucas Mother
Megaman Megaman
Master Hand Super Smash Bros
Olimar & Water Pikmin Pikmin
Marth Fire Emblem
Inkling Splatoon
King Dedede Kirby
250px-Pit SSB4
Pit Kid Icarus
LinkSSBV Full
Link Legend of Zelda

DLC Packs

After Nintendo City was released in 2019, SeventhHeaven began to work on two DLC packs that would add five new characters in to the game, alongside a PC version of the game. The two DLC packs were released in the first half of 2020, for £2.99 each or £5.19 for both.

DLC Pack 1

DLC Pack 1 added five new characters, with two new series being introduced. The pack was originally released on January the 31st, 2020.

Picture Name Original Series-
Tom Nook Animal Crossing
K.K. Slider Animal Crossing
Dr. Kawashima Brain Age
Shovel Knight Shovel Knight
Midna Legend of Zelda

DLC Pack 2

Picture Name Original Series
Tim MySims
Geno Mario RPG
Duck Hunt Duo Duck Hunt

Jigglypuff Pokemon
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong


After release, the game was given positive review, rated 9.6 out of 10 on IGN, 4.7 out of 5 on Metacritic, 8.9 out of 10 on Gamestop and 10 out of 10 on Eurogamer. The game's critics said "It combines aspects of all the best parts of Nintendo and makes it into one, neat, tidy package", Chaz Rocoso, IGN. The graphics were cited as being, "simply divine". The game also sold very well, with 700,000 sales in the first week of release, and 6million by the end of that year. 


After a beautiful holiday on the island of Wahiki island in the Pearl Sea and you have returned to find your home town in a terrible condition. You ask what has happened and they say Quizo, the town's sorcerer has moved out and has left his book and staff. All the citizens have all moved out as an earthquake had struck and now as Quizo had left, all the citizens needed someone to repair and rebuild there houses. Now there is no one that can do so. You are asked by the last remaining citizens of the town, Isabelle (the Mayor), Toad (a gardener) and May (a shop owner) to learn the abilities the staff and book posess to make the town how it was before. After accepting the task, you are showed some tutorials as to how to use the staff, and how to use the book.

Careers & Ambitions

The game includes aspects taken from Tomodachi Life and The Sims. All characters have interests, and there are six interests, these being; evil (Bowser, Master Hand), good (Kirby, May), tough (Xerneas, Ness), cute (Tim, Chespin), active/happy (Mario, Maxwell) and diverse (Starfy, Victini). Each interest changes the characters available careers and ambitions. For example a character with the evil interest would have the option to become a evil mastermind. 

Here are a list of all the careers. Interests = Int.

  • Shop owner (All Int.)
  • Curator (Diverse, Tough, Good)
  • Waiter (Active, Cute, Good)
  • Farmer (Tough, Evil, Diverse)
  • Chef (Diverse, Good, Active)
  • Athlete (Tough, Active)
  • Presenter (All int.)
    • Game (Active, Good)
    • Reality (Diverse, Evil)
    • Talent Show (Tough, Cute)
  • Gardener (Cute, Active)
  • Angler (All Int.)
  • Fashion Designer (Cute, Evil)
  • Alchemist (Tough, Evil, Good, Diverse)
  • Evil Mastermind (Evil)
  • Mountaineer (Tough)
  • Student (All Int.)
  • Trainer (Good, Tough)
  • Artist (Diverse)
  • Pilot (Evil, Tough)
  • Mayor (Isabelle-exclusive)

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