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Nintendo Cinematic Universe is a CGI cinematic universe made by Nintendo. It first started off with Phase 1's opening movie, The Legend of Zelda.


Phase 1

Movie Release Date Studio/s Director/s
The Legend of Zelda January 18th 2014 Universal Pictures and Reel FX PrimalFan (tbc)
Super Mario Bros August 29th 2014 Disney and Pixar and Universal Pictures PrimalFan (tbc)
Donkey Kong Country 2015 TBA TBA
Star Fox 2015 TBA FNAF other (tbc)
Kirby (Tentative Title) March 21st 2016 TBA TBA
Metroid (Tentative Title) 2016 TBA TBA

Super Smash Bros

2017 TBA TBA

Phase 2

Movie Release Date Studio/s Director
The Legend of Zelda 2 (Tentative Title) 2017 TBA TBA
Super Mario Bros. 2 (Tentative Title) 2018 TBA TBA
Pikmin 2018 TBA TBA
Fire Emblem 2019 TBA TBA
Pokemon June 26th 2019 Disney and Pixar PrimalFan (tbc)
Earthbound January 31st 2020 Universal Pictures and Reel FX and TE Studios Thektdude (tbc)
Super Smash Bros. Melee 2020 TBA TBA

Phase 3

Movie Release Date Studio/s Director
Earthbound Endings March 12th 2021 Universal Pictures and Reel FX and TE Studios Thektdude (tbc)

Metroid 2 (Tentative Title)

2021 TBA TBA
Ice Climbers 2022 TBA TBA
Star Fox 2 (Tentative Title) 2022 TBA TBA
Kid Icarus 2023 TBA TBA
Donkey Kong Country 2 2023 TBA TBA
Earthbound Beginnings February 16th 2024 Universal Pictures and Reel FX and TE Studios Thektdude (tbc)
Pokemon 2 (Tentative Title) 2024 TBA TBA
R.O.B. (Tentative Title) 2024 TBA PrimalFan (tbc)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl July 11th 2025 Universal Pictures and TE Studios and TBA Thektdude (tbc)

Phase 4

Movie Release Date Studio/s Director
Kirby 2 (Tentative Title) TBA TBA TBA
Yo-Kai Watch TBA TBA TBA
Super Mario Galaxy TBA TBA TBA
Animal Crossing TBA TBA TBA
Legend of Zelda 3 (Tentative Title) TBA TBA TBA
Fire Emblem 2 (Tentative Title) TBA TBA TBA
Super Smash Bros: Final Part 1 (Tentative Title) TBA TBA TBA
Punch Out!! TBA TBA TBA
Super Smash Bros: Final Part 2 (Tentative Title) TBA TBA TBA
Splatoon TBA TBA TBA

Companies and Studios who are Part of this Project

  • Universal Pictures
  • Reel FX Animation Studios
  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • Pixar
  • TE Studios

Phase 1

Phase 1 first started off with Super Mario Bros.. It ended with Super Smash Bros. Phase 1 is mostly the introduction to characters (with only one sequel).

Phase 2

Phase 2 continues off of where Super Smash Bros. left off. Starting off with Pikmin and ending off with Fire Emblem.

Phase 3

Phase 3 introduces many new characters while looking back to a few old ones. It starts off with The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and ending off with R.O.B. More original movies start to appear as of Phase 3. Unlike other phases, there is no Super Smash Bros. movie.

Phase 4

Phase 4 starts off with Super Smash Bros: Subspace Emissary and ends off with 


The Nintendo Cinematic Universe connects many Nintendo franchises together by tieing them all into a Super Smash Bros movie. Many movies are based off of games, with a handful original. A few crossovers do happen though, such as Super Mario Bros.: Donkey Kong and R.O.B.

While a major plot isn't really obvious, a build-up to Super Smash Bros.: Subspace Emissary is being made. Again, this isn't entirely obvious, but post-credit scenes and a few movies start to show this huge universal threat. After Super Smash Bros.: Subspace Emissary, the next few movies after that aren't really as important, with the NCU ending off with SSB4.


Ssb kt 64 teaser poster 2017 Earthbound teaser Poster Mother 3 teaser poster 2021

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