Nintendo Cinematic Universe Logo

Nintendo Cinematic Universe is a cinematic universe based off of properties made by Nintendo. The Nintendo Cinematic Universe started with the phase 1 movie, Super Mario Bros.


Phase 1

Movie Release Date Studio/s Director/s
Super Mario Bros August 29th, 2014 Walt Disney and Pixar PrimalFan (tbc)
The Legend of Zelda December 14th, 2014 Walt Disney and Pixar PrimalFan (tbc)
Earthbound 2015 TBA TBA
Star Fox 2015 TBA TBA
Kirby (Tentative Title) March 21st 2016 TBA TBA
Metroid (Tentative Title) 2016 TBA TBA

Super Smash Bros

2017 TBA TBA


The Nintendo Cinematic Universe is a cinematic universe based off of Nintendo properties. The movies are made in 3D CGI (with studios helping out, such as Walt Disney, Pixar, Universal Pictures, and Reel FX), with the rare exception of a few movies which'd have their own unique art styles.

The Nintendo Cinematic Universe (or the NCU) has an overbranching plot, and multiple phases. Each phase has about a couple of crossover movies, where different protagonists would appear together, and a Super Smash Bros. movie which contains nearly every single character.




  • This takes place in an alternate timeline.
  • Thektdude helped a lot with the original project, making posters and the current logo, along with a few movies.

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