Nintendo Bubble
The logo.
Developer(s) Keyhole Gaming
Console Type Home console

Nintendo Bubble is a console made by Keyhole Gaming. This console has many new features, such as the MiiPort, which allows the player to play Saved Games on other people's consoles.


Saved Games

Saved Games are games that the player has saved to the console. All games are automatically saved, and this allows the player to play games without inserting a disc. Deleting a game in Settings will delete the data of the game. However, you can only save the disc to one console.


MiiPort is a feature that will download all your Saved Games on the console to a device that will allow you to take your games to a friend's house and play your Saved Games. However, you can only download Saved Games from the console it was programmed to download from, so you can only download games from your own console.


Miitopia is similar to StreetPass in the 3DS, however this allows you to create your own world and follow friends online. Following allows you to chat with friends and go into their Miitopia. The MiiPort device allows you to meet new friends who are walking with their MiiPort, similar to the 3DS StreetPass.

Bubble Screen

This allows you to play games wherever you want if your MiiPort is inserted into it and a Nintendo Bubble Controller is connected. This is basically a small screen for the Nintendo Bubble.


There are three different controllers for this console. Nunchucks are connectable to each controller.

Classic Controller

This controller is similar to the Wii Remote, however this has a miniature screen of the game on it. It is available in the Exclusive Pack.

Bubble Controller

The standard controller. This is a small device with the buttons A, B, and C on the right side, while the UP, LEFT, RIGHT, and DOWN buttons are on the left side. A circular screen is in the middle. It comes in all packs.

Ultra Controller

This is the Classic Wii controller, and this is the only controller without a screen on it. It comes in the Ultra Exclusive Pack.


Standard Pack

The objects in this pack are silver.

Exclusive Pack

The objects in this pack are bronze.

Ultra Exclusive Pack

The objects in this pack are golden.


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