Nintendo Blast is the first in a new series of games created by Team Blue Star. It is a spin off of the Super Smash Bros series, but with a 3D landscape and more territorial combat, quite similarly to Splatoon. It focuses on Team Battles, although 1 v 1 combat is also an option. 


The gameplay has Super Smash Bros styled movesets, but there are health bars and 3D combat. It focuses on 4v4 battles and taking control over the Terrain. There are enemies throughout the stage, that can be defeated to gain XP. XP can be used to upgrade your character team to be more powerful in battles. 

Playable Characters

Image Name Description Series
200px-Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World-1- Mario A happy-go-lucky plumber and hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario is known to use many diverse power-ups, ranging from a flower that when eaten allows him to shoot fire from his hands, to a cat suit that allows him to move quickly and scratch at opponents, as well as wielding his trusty hammer. He is a balanced fighter, and if used well can use is diverse move pool to take control over the terrain. Super Mario Bros
Luigirr Luigi Mario's scaredy-cat brother enters the ring, using a very different moveset from his more popular counterpart. Luigi's moveset consists of his trusty Poltergeist (as well as other inventions created by E. Gadd that Luigi can use) as well as his Luiginary Works inherited from the Dream World. He also can use thunder. He is also faster and jumps higher then his brother, but his melee attacks are weaker. Super Mario Bros
250px-Rosalina SSB4 Rosalina Queen of the Cosmos, Rosalina uses magic and her Lumas to fight. her Lumas allow her to fight both up close and from afar simultaneously, however, this causes the individual attacks to not be so strong. Super Mario Bros
Peach SSB4 Peach The kind princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach uses Heart Magic to heal herself or summon sheep that makes her opponents fall asleep when coming into contact with it. She also uses a frying pan, tennis racket, and other random melee attacks.  Super Mario Bros
ToonLink Link The Hero of Time is a given to enter the ring, using his normal weapons to fight, such as his sword, shield, bow and arrow, bombs, and hookshot. He also can use a deku leaf as a parachute-like recovery.  The Legend of Zelda
Toon Zelda HD Zelda Much Like Link, Zelda is represented in this game using her Toon form. She uses her magic to fight, and is a much more tricky character to master, being a more strategic fighter. The Legend of Zelda
20110526012846!Ash Pikachu Pikachu The OMG SO ADORBZ mascot of Pokemon, Pikachu uses electricity in his attacks, ranging from simple moves such as Thunderbolt to the SUPREME ELECTRICAL AWESOMENESS that is Volt Tackle. He also has some other moves, such as using Iron Tail as a melee weapon. Pikachu is also one of the quickest fighters in the game, and his small stature and speed allows him to escape enemy fire easily.  Pokemon
250px-Charizard SSB4 Charizard One of the most iconic Pokemon in existence, evolving from the humble Charmander, Charizard can breathe fire and fly. However, he is quite slow, due to his bulky nature, making him more of a powerhouse-type character. Pokemon
Pitetris Pit A smart talking angel and servant to Lady Palutena, Pit uses a bow which transforms into two swords, a mirror shield, an ore club, and countless other weapons to fight, making him a decent character for beginners. Kid Icarus
Palutenassb4#7B68EE Palutena Pit's mentor and the Goddess of Light, Palutena is a mage-like character, using her staff and powers of light in battle.  Kid Icarus
Chrom SSB3M Chrom The descendant of Prince Marth, Chrom uses heavy sword attacks to fight, making him a strong character in battle. Fire Emblem
360px-VillagerSSB4 (1) Villager The humble Villager from Animal Crossing, Villager uses homely tools, like shovels or butterfly nets, as weapons. Like Mario, his diverse moveset can be an essential factor in controlling the terrain and defeating enemies. Animal Crossing
Splatoon-Inkling Render 001 Inkling The female Inkling from the upcoming Nintendo game Splatoon, The Inkling can use a ink shooter for a moderately strong projectile weapon, or can use her ink to progress through enemy territory as a squid. However, she cannot attack in squid form.  Splatoon
450px-SSB4 - Wii Fit Trainer Artwork Wii Fit Trainer A humble fitness trainer, the Wii Fit Trainer uses yoga poses to fight off enemies, but she isn't very strong as far as being territorial,20x making her more of an offensive character. Wii Fit
Ness SSB3M Ness The main protagonist of Earthbound, (or Mother 2 for Japanese folk,) Ness uses his PSI abilities for long distance attacks, and his baseball bat serves as a blunt melee weapon.  Mother
Donkey kong. Donkey Kong Once upon a time in the 80s, a game named Donkey Kong was released, paving the way for Super Mario Bros, "The Savior of Gaming...." but the ape Donkey Kong himself barely gets any credit, of course. He uses bongos and brute strength in the battlefield, but like the Wii Fit Trainer, he isn't very territorial.  Donkey Kong Country
KRtDL Kirby 2 Kirby An adorable pink puffball, Kirby uses his copy abilities to swallow opponents and use one of their moves. But he isn't without his own set of weapons. He can use his Warp Star for easy travel from place to place, and has a hammer to knock people to Kingdom Come. Kirby
PMMewtwo Mewtwo Mewtwo was an artificial Pokemon created by Team Rocket, and now he joins the fray! Mewtwo has psychic abilities that he uses in battle, but he doesn't have strong short ranged attacks, causing him to fight better when he's at a distance. Pokemon
Samusfol5 Samus Aran Infused with Chozo DNA, Samus Aran is a deadly bounty hunter, and her arsenal includes laser blasts, missles, bombs, and she can also roll up into a ball to escape deadly situations. Metroid
419px-Captain Falcon SSB4 Captain Falcon One of the greatest racers in the world, Captain Falcon can use his vehicle, or his trademark "Falcon Punch!" attack, as well as other fire-b#556B2Fased attacks.  F-Zero
KingDedede King Dedede The greedy, hammer wielding king of Dreamland, Dedede uses a hammer and sends out Waddle Dees to fight. Kirby
Adeleine2 Adeleine Kirby 64 was indeed a game remembered for many years, and cherished by Nintendo workers and fans alike.....but the same cannot be said for one of the characters featured in the game, Adeleine. She now comes back to the battlefield after a long absence, and can paint weapons to use in battle. Kirby
Meta Knight SSB4 Meta Knight One of the faster characters in the game, which serves as a tremendous advantage on the battlefield. Meta Knight also uses a sword as his main method of attack, and can fly. Kirby
MidnaWiiU Midna The Twilight Princess, Midna is a small imp-like being who has quick and nimble melee attacks, and can use her hair as a whip or theter.  The Legend of Zelda
577px-Yoshiart5 Yoshi Yoshi! Yoshi's entire vocabulary consists of that one word. It's almost as if he's some kind of Pokemon. But anyway, Yoshi can eat foes and trap them in eggs, or throw eggs to attack. Doesn't he have something better to do with all those eggs? Like, I don't know, cook an omelet or something? Yoshi's Island
Shulkdoggy Shulk Shulk is the wielder of the Monado, and uses it as his main weapon in the game. He also can use charms to change his stats, making him an almost unpredictable fighter. Xenoblade Chronicles
DuckHuntDogWarioBeautyShot zps02ed5499 Duck Hunt Dog The loyal companion of the Duck Hunter, the Duck Hunt Dog uses a gun as well as weapons from various classic Nintendo games, like the mallets of the Ice Climbers or the Balloon Fighter's balloons. Classic
Kid Icarus Uprising - Dark Pit Dark Pit Pit's kinda-sorta-not really evil double, while Pit focuses on a variety of different weapons, Dark Pit primarily uses his staff, which can deal both strong melee attacks or fire energy blasts. He also uses some of the weapons that Pit didn't use in his moveset. Kid Icarus
444px-FortuneStBowser Bowser Known in other media as "King Koopa," Bowser throws Bob-Ombs, Koopa Shells, Hammers, and breathes fire. He also is very physically strong, fighting with brute strength, and his spiky shell can deal some damage too. Watch out! Super Mario Bros
003Venusaur Venusaur The final evolution of Bulbasaur, Venusaur uses vine whips #7B68EEand can throw seeds as projectiles, as well as many other plant-based moves. He is the more all-around character out of the three starter evolution Pokemon. Pokemon
009Blastoise Blastoise Blastoise is the final evolution of Squirtle, and uses brute strength and can keep foes at a distance using his water cannon. He also has great defense in the form of the turtle shell on his back. Pokemon
370px-HW Ganondorf Ganondorf Ganondorf is the Gerudo King, who has kidnapped the princess many times in the same vein as King Bowser. Ganondorf can wield a sword, use dark magic, and transform into his beast form.  The Legend of Zelda
234px-Tetra HD Tetra Princess Zelda's alter ego, Tetra is a small pirate who has quick and nimble melee attacks, using a pirate dagger and cannons. She is a difficult target to hit, but lacks any projectiles other then the cannons. The Legend of Zelda
Robin2 Robin The avatar character from Fire Emblem Awakening, Robin wields an electric sword and is also armed with a book of spells. However, you can only use so many spells in a match. Fire Emblem
391px-FoxSSB4 Fox McCloud The captain of team Starfox, Fox McCloud has a laser blaster which he uses for a projectile, and can also utilize a reflector and other gadgets and gizmos. Starfox
Drmariorender Dr. Mario In alternate universe, Mario decided to become a doctor instead of a goomba-stomping plumber. Why this universe exists I have no idea. Doctor Mario uses pills and doctor equipment in battle. Super Mario Bros
494Victini Victini A Pokemon from the Unova region, Victini is similar to Pikachu, but Victini uses fire and psychic attacks as opposed to Pikachu's lightning.  Pokemon
507px-MP8Wario Wario Mario's rival and evil double, I guess, Wario rides his motorcycle, can fart to rocket himself in the air, and eat garlic to make himself stronger. WarioWare
Ashley SSB4 Ashley Ashley is a little witch who can use magic spells, and her demonic minion Red can also assist her in attacks. She also can use her scepter as a weapon. WarioWare
470px-MegaManSSB4 Megaman A 3rd Party guest character, Megaman was once a simple house cleaning robot boy, but then he was converted into a super fighting robot! Megaman can use his Mega Buster as his main weapon, but also has many other weapons such as the Metal Blade, Flame Sword, Leaf Shield, and Crash Bomb. Mega Man


SSBU- Comet Observatory
Comet Observatory
Arena Ferox
Duck Hunt
Hunting Field
Palutena's Temple
Palutena's Temple
F-Zero Racetrack
640px-SSBB Luigi's Mansion Stage
Luigi's Mansion
DK Construction Site
Construction Site
Hyrule Temple
Hyrule Temple


Some enemies appear in all stages, while some only appear in one or two stages.

Image Name Description Series Stage(s) They Appear In
Goomba NSMBU Goomba These little guys are one of the most basic enemies. If they touch you, you get damaged, but they are pretty easy to kill. Super Mario Bros All Stages
BooMP8art Boo Like Goombas, Boos aren't very difficult to defeat. However, they are able to phase through walls, which can make them quite tricky to catch. Super Mario Bros Luigi's Mansion
DuckMPA Duck These only attack you if you hit them. They come swarming at you in flocks. They aren't that strong but due to their flight they are difficult to kill. Classic Hunting Field
MonoeyeIcarusmon Monoeye These floating eyes are sure to cause trouble. Like the Ducks, they fly and attack in groups, but their method of attack is shooting plasma from their eyes. Kid Icarus All Stages

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