All characters have 5 special moves, as well as 3 diffent levels of supers performed by first charging up the super bar a certain amount.

Table of all characters

Character Standard Special Forward Special Back Special Up Special Down Special Lvl. 1 Super Lvl. 2 Super Lvl. 3 Super
Mario Fireball Super Hammer Cape Super Jump F.L.U.D.D. Earth Tremor Mario Finale
Luigi Green Fireball Luigi Tackle Poltergust 3000 Star Spin Flashlight Element Combo Negetive Zone
Peach Peach Bomber Parasol Shield Parasol Glide Vegetable Peach Blossom Peach Beam
Bowser Flame Breath Shell Spin Bowser Bomb Giga Bowser
Toad Ice Flower Penguin Slide U-Turn Propellor Suit Dice Block Super Mushroom Superstar Toad Brigade
Bowser Jr. Dark Dice Shell Spin Koopa Clown Car Shadow Mario Switch Airship Armada
Shadow Mario Paintbrush Dash Nossle Spin Jump Bowser Jr. Switch Mecha Bowser
Geno Hand Gun Geno Whirl
Wario Chomp Wario Bike Garlic Breath Wario Waft Super Stink D.I.Y. Warioman
Mona Mona Bike Guitar Mona & The Hot Slices
Ashley Red Magic Wand
Link Bow Gale Boomerang Hookshot Spin Attack Bomb Triforce Slash
Zelda Nayru's Love Din's Fire Farore's Wind Sheik Switch Zelda's Lullaby Light Arrow
Sheik Needle Throw Smoke Bomb Zelda Switch Light Arrow
Ganondorf Warlock Fist Beast Ganon
Young Link Slingshot Goron Link Deku Stick Deku Nut Zora Link Triforce Slash
Toon Link Cane of Pacci Boomberang Gust Jar Bomb Pirate Crew Triforce Slash
Samus Aran Charge Shot Screw Attack Roller Mine Zero Laser
Zero Suit Samus Paralyser Power Suit Samus
Kirby Inhale Hammer Ninja Kirby Final Cutter Rock Kirby Cook Kirby
Meta Knight
King Dedede Rocket Hammer Waddle Dee Throw Inhale Triple D Jump Waddle Dee Army
Bandana Dee Spear Thrust Trip
Prince Fluff Yarn Whip Yarn Car Yarn Parachute Yarn Weight Mole Fluff Tank Fluff
Captain Olimar Pikmin Pluck Pikmin Toss Pikmin Disband Pikmin Chain Whistle Defence Satellite End of Day
Captain Falcon Falcon Punch Falcon Kick Blue Falcon
Lucas PK Freeze PK Fire PSI Magnet PK Thunder PK Starstorm
Ness PK Flash PK Fire PSI Magnet PK Thunder PK Starstorm
Marth Counter Critical Hit
Ike Eruption Counter Aether Great Aether
Fox McCloud Laser Fox Flash Reflector Fire Fox Landmaster
Falco Lombardi Laser Falco Flash Reflector Toss Fire Bird Arwing
Wolf O'Donnel Laser Wolf Flash Starwolf Reflector Starwolf Arwing Starwolf Landmaster

Mr. Game and Watch

Chef Judge Lion Tamer Fire Escape Oil Spill Octopus
R.O.B. Laser Arm Spin Gyro Jet Base ROB-LGS
Ice Climbers Icicle Smash Squall Hammer Belay Iceberg
Marshall Harmony Widget Fillbot S Donk Donk Blimp Together Now Remix Rhythm Combo
Karate Joe Punch Kick Pot Punch Uppercut Rock Punch Punch a bunch of stuff Rhythm Fighters Unite
Pit Palutena's Bow Angel Ring Light Shield Palutena's Wings Palutena's Army
Donkey Kong DK Punch Coconut Shotgun Headbutt Monkey Spin Ground Slap Konga Beat
Diddy Kong Peanut Popgun Launch Barrel Banana Peel Jetpack Monkey Leap Rocket Barrel Barrage
King K. Rool Crown Roll Croc Leap
Yoshi Egg Lay Egg Roll Egg Toss Flutter Jump Yoshi Bounce Turbo Dragon
Kamek Magic Shot Broom Magikoopa Combo

S - Water Gun

I - Bullet Seed

C - Flamethrower

S - Withdraw

I - Razor Leaf

C - Rock Smash

S - Tail Whip

I - Leech Seed

C - Flame Wheel

S - Waterfall

I - Vine Whip

C - Fly

Pokemon Switch


S - Hydro Pump

I - Solar Beam

C - Fire Blast

S - Water Combo

I - Grass Combo

C - FIre Combo

Triple Finish
Pikachu Thunder Jolt Skull Bash Iron Tail Quick Attack Thunder Discharge Volt Tackle
Lucario Aura Sphere Force Palm Counter Aura Storm
Zoroark Illusion Shadow Claw Illusion Combo
Tom Nook Axe Slingshot Bug Net Fishing Rod Shovel City Folk New Tennants Acorn Festival
Starfy Star Spin
Primid Fire Primid Boom Primid Scope Primid Trowlon Metal Primid Big Primid Shadow Bug Storm Subspace Bomb

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