Nintendo Battle Royal
Developer(s) Zodiac Productions
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) Wii U

Nintendo 3DS

Release Date(s)
December 2013
Story/Free Fight/Mission
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: T for Teen
Genre(s) Fighting
Nintendo Battle Royal is a crossover fighting game developed by Zodiac Productions. Like the Super Smash Bros. series, it features characters from several dfferent Nintendo IPs, however it plays more like the Marvel vs. Capcom series.


For character movesets, see Character Movesets.

Character Image Franchise Unlockable?
Mario Super Mario No
Luigi Super Mario Yes
Peach Super Mario No
Bowser Super Mario No
Toad Super Mario No
Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario Super Mario Yes
Geno Super Mario Yes
Waluigi Super Mario Yes
Wario WarioWare No
Mona WarioWare No
Ashley WarioWare Yes
Link The Legend of Zelda No
Zelda/Sheik The Legend of Zelda No
Ganondorf The Legend of Zelda No
Young Link The Legend of Zelda Yes
Toon Link The Legend of Zelda Yes
Samus Aran (+ Zero Suit) Metroid No
Ridley Metroid Yes
Kirby Kirby No
Meta Knight Kirby No
King Dedede Kirby No
Bandana Dee Kirby Yes
Prince Fluff Kirby Yes
Captain Olimar Pikmin No
Captain Falcon F-Zero No
Lucas Mother/Earthbound No
Ness Mother/Earthbound Yes
Marth Fire Emblem No
Roy Fire Emblem No
Ike Fire Emblem Yes
Chrom Fire Emblem Yes
Fox McCloud Starfox No
Falco Lombardi Starfox No
Krystal Starfox Yes
Wolf O'Donnel Starfox Yes
Mr. Game and Watch Game and Watch No
R.O.B. R.O.B. Yes
Ice Climbers Ice Climber No
Marshall Rhythm Heaven No
Karate Joe Rhythm Heaven Yes
Pit Kid Icarus No
Palutena Kid Icarus Yes
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong No
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong No
King K. Rool Donkey Kong Yes
Yoshi Yoshi's Island No
Kamek Yoshi's Island Yes
Red Pokemon No
Pikachu Pokemon No
MewTwo Pokemon Yes
Lucario Pokemon Yes
Zoroark Pokemon Yes
Tom Nook Animal Crossing No
Starfy The Legendary Starfy Yes
Primid Super Smash Bros. Yes


Stage Image Franchise
Mushroom Kingdom Super Mario
Comet Observatory Super Mario
Luigi's Mansion Super Mario
WarioWare Inc. WarioWare
Skyloft The Legend of Zelda
Ghost Ship The Legend of Zelda
Frigate Orpheon Metroid
Green Greens Kirby
Quitly Square Kirby
Distant Planet Pikmin
Big Blue F-Zero
Archenea Fire Emblem
Corneria Starfox
Lylat System Starfox
Flatzone Game and Watch
Icicle Mountain Ice Climber
Rhythm Heaven Rhythm Heaven
Skyworld Kid Icarus
Jungel Japes Donkey Kong
Gangplank Galleon Donkey Kong
Yoshi's Island Yoshi's Island
Pokemon Stadium Pokemon
Spear Pillar Pokemon
Nintown Animal Crossing
Final Destination Super Smash Bros.



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