Got enough of the crappy old consoles? Play the Nintendo Bant!
Advertisement slogan for Nintendo Bant

Nintendo Bant (or inside Japan Nintendo Wii 3) is a console that will be released in 2015,as the successor of the Wii U.

What does it look like

It's shaped rectangular,containing the A,B,X,Y buttons.In his left and right,there are squares

.The left one contains the Control Pad,the right one(which is mo


Nintendo Bant.

re like a rectangle)contains the L and R buttons.


There is a feature named Mii Land,where the user can create his/her Miis.

There is Nintendo eShop in the menu.


Super Mario:Ice World

Mario Party Y

Mario Tennis: World Cup

Luigi's Mansion:Queen Boo's Revenge

Mario Party Z

Tech Demos

Face To Mario 2

Early Ideas

In the first trailer,it was called Wii 3,but that name was scrapped because Nintendo of Hungary changed the name to their verb(in Hungarian languange,"bánt" means to harm someone.).But Japan remained with Wii 3,saying that's a better name.

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