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Cheep-Cheep School NSMBVR

Nintendo Babies: First Day School== Narrator: One day in Mushroom Kingdom it was time for Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to start school.

Baby Mario: Mommy?

Mom: Yes!

Baby Mario: Are the people going to be mean to me.

Mom: Oh sure they won't.

Mom: Go out side and get in the bus you are going to be late.

Baby Luigi: But mommy i don't like buses.

Mom : Well you have to go.

Baby Luigi : Oh No!

Baby Mario : Come on Baby luigi.

Narrator: Mom winks and gives them a hug.

Mom: Love you.

Narrator: They got on the Bus and went to there classroom the teacher wasn't there yet.

Baby Wario: Hey, suckers! give me your money or else.

Baby Waluigi: Want your Momma because we were stealing from you? Huh do ya?(Slaps them)

Narrator : Baby Mario and Baby Luigi cried and cried calling there mommy.

Baby Wario: Wha ha ha ha!

Baby Waluigi: Wee he he he!

Baby Peach: Leave them alone!

Baby Wario: Make me, Pink Lalaloopsy!

Baby Daisy: What in the Baby Food of Orange Crap did you call my BFF!!

Baby Waluigi: We called her Pink Lalaloopsy! Is that a problem Orange Baby Alive!

Baby Daisy: (Screams) I am going to kick your Dirty Stinky Butt!

Narrator: Baby Daisy beats up Baby Wario and Waluigi!

Baby Luigi: She... is... so...Pretty!

Baby Peach: Aw.. do you like her?

Baby Luigi: Well no it's just that-

Baby Peach: You Love her!

Baby Luigi: No that's not True!

Baby Peach: (Giggles) I won't tell!

Baby Mario: Hi what's your name?

Baby Peach: I am Princess Baby Peach, Pleasant to meet you.

Baby Mario: My name is Baby Mario, Hi.

Baby Peach: Hello.

Narrator: Baby Daisy Punches Baby Waluigi and was finished beating them up.

Baby Daisy: I am done Ninja Baloney Pals! I killed there butts and legs of turkey grease!

Baby Peach: She is so Slang on her words! Get used to it.

Baby Mario and Baby Luigi: Ok!

Go to Part 2 later on!

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