Nintendo Atom is a home console released on the 31st of August 2014. The Atom has the largest demographic compared to the preceding Nintendo home consoles and Sony and Microsoft's competing consoles. On the first day the Nintendo Atom sold around 2,800 copies. The Atom which still hasn't been released in South Korea and Australasia is projected to get around 12 million copies. 


The Atom has many features that have never appeared before in a console. These include NIN, a new internet connection tool that can allow you to look at multiple pages at once, so you can listen to music during editing on a your Twitter. Atom is also equipt with Google Chrome, Norton Safesearch, Wikia, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and BBC News to optimize your browsing experience. 

Atom has a simple home panel and each downloaded program comes with a window, like the Nintendo Wii, the new windows are more modernized and are simple but effective and the Atom comes with Miiverse.

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