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Nintendo Asteroid
Developer(s) CometGamingSeal
Manufacturer(s) CometGamingSeal
Product Family Nintendo Comet
Generation 8th
Release Date(s)
USAtendo-back Spring 2015
Flag of Europe Spring 2015
Flag of Japan Spring 2015
Flag of Australia Summer 2015
Korean Summer 2015
Media Nintendo Asteroid cartridge
Backward Compatibility Nintendo 3DS
Predecessor Nintendo 3DS
The Nintendo Asteroid is a portable console, made by Comet Gaming, Inc. and Nintendo. It has a home console designed similarly to it, titled the Nintendo Comet. It was officially unveiled at Fantendo 8th Anniversary Showcase. The consoles will be retired in 2018 due to increased competition with the Nintendo Switch.


Rumors say that it is a phone-like system but with a large screen, designed to look like the Samsung Galaxy Note series.