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Nintendo Animated Adventures is an upcoming animated series written by user SuperSonicDarkness and many others. It is similar to Fantendo the Animated Series, chronicalling the misadventures of various Nintendo characters.


  • Mario: Calm and level-headed, Mario is usually at the forefront during the team's adventures. However, he tends to conceal his true feelings in most situations.
  • Princess Peach: The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She is kind and gentle and usually wants to help, but usually tends to get herself in trouble. 
  • Ness: A brave young boy who's always ready for adventure. He tries to be brave, but in some instances he can be quite shy. 
  • Olimar: An introverted astronaut who is usually afraid to speak his mind. He commands a small group of Pikmin, but isn't that good at being a leader.
  • Link: A brave young warrior who sometimes takes things a little too seriously, and can get pretty over-confident sometimes.
  • Samus: A stern woman who tries to keep the others in line, with not-so stellar results. She prefers to work alone and isn't very open witn the others.
  • Pit: The sarcastic goofball on the team. Sometimes he can be annoying, but he has a big heart behind all those wisecracks and cares for his friends a lot. 




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