This is a complete mod that changes lots of the levels, making more levels, new characters and more!

It is not official and does not have ties with Nitendo And Sega. You can now get to have an alternate storyline, where you play as the villians (It still has the same ending though).

Plot (Original)


  • The Final Boss is an Omen (with 130,900 hp).
  • The story is longer than before.
  • New Unplayable Characters.
  • More Playable Characters!! (Eg. Silver)
  • Edited storyline.

Plot (Alternate)

This is an edited plot with texture hacks and the final boss is Giga Star Mario.

Unknown Enemy sought to destroy all the heros of Nitendo and Sega and to do ti, he started creating disasters across the universe (Nitendo and Sega). Then, he sent Dark Mario and Dark Sonic to them. They easily deafeated Mario and Sonic, but then started to attack Bowser and Dr. Eggman but had to retreat. Unknown Enemy was MAD!!! He got more angrier because he found out that Mario and Sonic had teamed up with their friends and enemys. Then he STFUed and sent over 9000!! (over 9999!!!) dark parakoopas, dark paragoombas, dark lakitus and more! The fight was on!

New Playable Characters

  • Silver
  • Golden Yoshi
  • Super Sonic and Shadow
  • Glitchy Mario Bros.

New Non-Playable Characters

  • Meta Knight (PC and DS)
  • Donkey Kong (3DS and WiiU)
  • Funky Kong (Wii)
  • Lumas

Platforms And Consoles

It works on the same consoles and Platforms but can now be playable on PSP and Mac.


Glitchy Mario got his name because he is creates gltches and bugs and is the only downloadable content in the whole game. And the glitches are:

  • Glitchy Mario flies around the level.
  • Glitchy Mario can jump 2x higher than Luigi.
  • Glitchy Mario is 1x faster than Luigi.
  • Glitchy Mario can't be harmed at all.
  • Glitchy Mario crashes the game.

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