Super mario render brothers by nibroc rock-d8x9ljm
Mario's art in the game.
Full Name Mario
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Toad Town
Current Status Hero
Ability/ies High jump, bravery, use of power-ups.
Height 5ft 11in
Weight 185 pounds
Voice Actor(s)
Charles Martinet
First Appearance Donkey Kong
Latest Appearance Nintendo Alpha
Series Super Mario
In a game titled "Nintendo Alpha," who do you expect to be in the game? Link? Samus? Pikachu? How about Mario? You all knew the flagship Nintendo character would be in this game.

Mario's Story

After being informed of the existence of different universes by Prof. E Gadd, Mario is accidentally sent to an alternate universe along with other characters by a mysterious entity. The entity informs them of the future and how universes may be torn apart, and designates Mario as the leader of the team, consisting of characters like Link, Samus, and Donkey Kong. Mario now leads the team, but makes sure he isn't too hard of them with his new responsibility.


Mario is mostly centered around fire, putting himself in the Fire category. Despite most of his attacks being fire-based, he has some different attacks.

Fire Balls: Mario can shoot fire balls, spin around to create rows of fire, and create bursts of fire. He can shoot these all at enemies. It's in the Fire category.

Ice Powers: The same as Fire Balls, but it can freeze the enemies. You can also turn into Penguin Mario for certain attacks. It's in the Water category.

Cloud Suit: Mario gets into his Cloud Suit and spins around, creating clouds that can slam down on the enemies or can help Mario dodge attacks. It's in the Air category.

Tanooki Suit: Mario gets into his Tanooki Suit. He can whip enemies with his tail, and turn into a statue to slam down on enemies. It's in the Nature category.

Fire Bar: Mario grabs a small Fire Bar with a handle. He can swing at enemies with it, and can strike enemies down with it. It's in the Fire category.


Goldmario 254px-MetalMarioMK7Solo 397px-ClassicMario Cosmic Mario Patriot golf mario by simplederk-d7q106t

  • Gold Mario: Mario's gold variation from New Super Mario Bros. 2.
  • Metal Mario: Mario's silver variation from Super Mario 64.
  • Classic Mario: A costume based off of his original sprite from Super Mario Bros.
  • Cosmic Mario: A costume based off of Cosmic Mario from Super Mario Galaxy.
  • Golf Mario: Based off of Mario's gold outfit from NES Open Golf.