Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong's art in the game.
Full Name Donkey Kong
Gender Male
Species Ape
Location Donkey Kong Island
Current Status Hero
Ability/ies Strength, heart, large hands
Height 9.8 ft
Weight 1,200 pounds
Voice Actor(s)
Grant Kirkhope
First Appearance Donkey Kong
Latest Appearance Nintendo Alpha
Series Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong has been on Mario's coattails since the very beginning...or at least, DK's grandpa, Cranky Kong. Now, Donkey Kong will fight with Mario to save all universes.

Donkey Kong's Story

After collecting a rare golden banana, Donkey Kong's entire hoard of bananas is sucked up into a portal. DK jumps into the portal and ends up in another universe along with Mario and others. A mysterious entity informs them of the future in which the universes will clash, and makes a team out of the characters. Donkey Kong is the brute of the team, but will defend anyone who is in harms way.


Donkey Kong's moves are mostly nature-based, making his category Nature.

  • Fists O' Fury: Donkey Kong attacks with his fists. He can grab enemies, punch enemies, and even slap the ground. It's in the Nature category.</li>
  • DK Barrels: Donkey Kong carries a DK Barrel. He can throw it and unleash an enemy from one of his games. It's in the Nature category.</li>
  • Barrel Cannon: Donkey Kong carries a Barrel Cannon. He can launch himself at enemies or launch himself in the air and slamming back down on enemies. It's in the Air category.</li>
  • Coconut Gun: Donkey Kong pulls out his coconut gun. It can shoot single bullets or fire in spurts. It's in the Nature category.</li>
  • Barrel Pack: Donkey Kong straps on his Barrel Pack from Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. He can fly towards enemies and take them for a short ride. It's in the Fire category.==Costumes==

    Donkey Kong - DKGB Swanky Kong DKC3 DONKEYKONG-NEW3DS492px-Boxer DK PM

      • Classic DK: A costume based off his grandpa's older appearance.
      • Swanky Kong: A costume based off Swanky Kong from Donkey Kong Country.
      • Polka-Dot DK: A costume based off his appearance in a Japanese New Nintendo 3DS commercial.
      • Boxer DK: A costume based off of his appearance from Punch-Out! It comes with new boxer shorts.