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Nintendo Alpha
Developer(s) Icy Cold Gaming Industries, Game Freak, HAL Laboratory, Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo NX
Genre(s) Crossover
Age Rating(s)
Cost $59.99
"Nintendo Alpha" is a game being developed for the Nintendo NX by Icy Cold Gaming Industries, HAL Laboratory, and Game Freak. It will be a crossover between many Nintendo franchises and will kickstart a 3-part series. This game is said to be "a starting point and will include very few Nintendo series, focusing on the main 10 from the original Super Smash Bros.

Story Mode: Luigi and The Gateway



The gameplay will be a lot like J-Stars Victory VS fused with Anarchy Reigns. You fight on a battlefield with terrain that you can destroy certain parts of. You can charge up a meter to unleash a "Totaka Blast," which is a special move that differs for each fighter. Assists are also in the game, but can't be used in Story Mode. Enemies are present in all stages in Story Mode, and can be turned on or off in the other modes.


Characters will be seperated into 3 categories: The All-Knowing, The Unknowning, and The Anarchy. Each character comes with a specific typing: Fire, Water, Nature, Electric, Light, Air, Cosmic and Darkness.

The All-Knowing

The-All Knowing are 10 characters from each universe. They know of other universes existing, and aim to protect them without causing worldwide panic.

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