Nintendo All-Stars Racing: World Tour is a new game from AdamGregory03.

The game will be released for the Wii U and 3DS.


The gameplay is very similar to the basic Mario Kart series, only taking place in many of Nintendo's series and locations. There are item boxes that the player can pick up and use against other racers.

Game Modes

  • Grand Prix: Race against CPU-controlled racers in four races. (Single)
  • VS.: Choose any track you want to race on. (1-4 players locally; 2-8 players Wi-Fi)
  • Time Attack: Race against the clock for the best time on a race.
  • Battle Mode: Duke it out in with Bob-Omb Blast, King of the Ring, and more! (1-4 players)

There will be more game modes announced.

Playable Characters

It is confirmed each weight class (Feather, Light, Medium, Cruiser, and Heavy) shall have six playable characters. However, not all of them are confirmed. There will also be a seventh DLC character for each weight class.


Kirby Wii Kirby Kirby Dragoon Rider Default character.
88px-SM3DL Toad2 Toad Super Mario Mushmellow Default character.
PPW Pikachu Pikachu Pokemon Pika-2 Default character.
501Oshawott 2 Oshawott Pokemon Osha-Surfer Place 3rd or higher in Pokeball Cup on 50cc.
MKXL Dry Bones Dry Bones Super Mario Turbo Bones Place 3rd or higher in Mushroom Cup on 150cc.
Bandana Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Kirby Minion Machine Place 3rd or higher in Tomato Cup on 50cc.
494Victini Victini Pokemon V Creator Download it from the Nintendo eShop.


425px-PeachMP8Official Princess Peach Super Mario Royal Racer Default character.
Yoshi (NSML) Yoshi Yoshi's Island Egg 1 Default character.
Zeldaoeo Princess Zelda Legend of Zelda Spell Cruiser Default character.
Meta Knightnewer Meta Knight Kirby Halberd Escape Pod Place 3rd or higher in Tomato Cup on 100cc.
DiddyKongFortuneStreet Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Country Banana Booster Place 3rd or higher in Egg Cup on 50cc.
540px-BowserJrFortuneStreet Bowser Jr. Super Mario Bullet Bit Place 3rd or higher in Mushroom Cup on 50cc.
NessHD Ness Mother PK Cruiser Download him in the Nintendo eShop.


Mario Universe Mario Super Mario Red Fire Defualt character.
LuigiNSMBWii Luigi Super Mario Green Fire Default character.
Linkoeo Link Legend of Zelda Hylian Hog Default character.
Star Fox (1) Fox McCloud StarFox Landmaster Place 3rd or higher in Special Cup on 100cc.
KrystalAdventures Krystal StarFox Krazoa Cruiser Place 3rd or higher in Mushroom Cup on 150cc.
Dark link (zelda wiki) Dark Link Legend of Zelda Shadow Hog Get five expert staff ghosts with Link OR place 3rd or higher in Triforce Cup on mirror.
Lucario Brawl Lucario Pokemon Aura Automobile Download him in the Nintendo eShop


DK Universe (1) Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Country DK Jumbo Default character.
350px-LazyWario Wario Wario Land Wario Cadillac Default character.
Samus Aran Samus Aran Metroid Mini-Gunship Default character.
Ghirahim Second Battle Ghirahim Legend of Zelda Demon Dragster Place 3rd or higher in Triforce Cup on 100cc.
FalconPAWNCH Captain Falcon F-Zero Blue Falcon Place 3rd or higher in Special Cup on 150cc.
SamuraiGorohTransparency Samurai Goroh F-Zero Fire Stingray Play as Captain Falcon in Wi-Fi races 20 times.
Bonkers 3D Bonkers Kirby Hammer Mobile Download him in the Nintendo eShop.


478px-Nsmb2 bowser Bowser Super Mario Koopa King Default character.
Emboar Dream Emboar Pokemon Flare Hog Default character.
Kirbydedede2d King Dedede Kirby Triple D Default character.
K.RoolShowsUp King K. Rool Donkey Kong Country K. Roozer Place 3rd or higher in Egg Cup on 150cc.
Bokoblin3SS Bokoblin Legend of Zelda Bokoblin Bike Win 40 battles.
Ridley2 Ridley Metroid Space Pirate Ship Clear any cup with Samus on mirror.
Ganondorf OoT3D Ganondorf Legend of Zelda Unknown Download him on the Nintendo eShop.


Mushroom Cup (Mario series)

  • Mario Speedway
  • Luigi's Mansion
  • Mushroom Factory
  • Bowser's Castle

Egg Cup (Mario spin-off series)

  • Yoshi Island Meadows
  • Jungle Hijinx
  • The S.S. Sweet Stuff
  • The Comet Observatory

Triforce Cup (The Legend of Zelda series)

  • Great Bay Speedway
  • Skyloft Circuit
  • Shadow Temple
  • Goddess Shrine

Tomato Cup (Kirby series)

  • Raisin Ruins
  • Castle Dedede
  • Battleship Halberd
  • Dangerous Dinner

Pokeball Cup (Pokemon series)

  • Nimbasa Gym Circuit
  • Pallet Town Drive
  • Rocky Raceway
  • Spear Pillar

Special Cup (other series)

  • Corneria Circuit (Starfox)
  • F-Zero Grand Prix (F-Zero)
  • Planet Zebes (Metroid)
  • Nintendo Combination (Nintendo All-Stars Racing)


80px Mushroom Super Mario Gives the user a short boost.
Green Shell NSMBU Green Shell Super Mario Bounces around until hitting opponent or breaking.
Red Shell NSMBU Red Shell Super Mario Targets the opponent ahead of the user.
DKBarrelDKCR DK Barrel Donkey Kong Country Will break open and give the user another random item.
Hookshot (Majora's Mask) Hookshot Legend of Zelda Attatches to the opponent ahead and pulls them back.
Hylian Shield Hylian Shield Legend of Zelda Two surround the user, preventing the affects of opponent's items.
Maxim Tomato Maxim Tomato Kirby Will temporarily make the user invincable.
PokeballTopTrans PokeBall Pokemon Captures opponet infront or behind and stops them for 10 seconds.
N/A Ice Beam Metroid Launches forward and freezes anyone it hits temporarily.


See Nintendo All-Stars Racing: World Tour/Music Tracks.


  • The game is similar to the Sonic & All-Stars Racing games.
  • Link is the only character in the game with a variant (Dark Link).
  • Special items were originally going to be in the game, but were removed.

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