eNintendo All-Star Smash (Nintendo Smash Party in regions besides NA) is a fighting-sports game mixed. It has confirmed for an early 2012 release for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Wii U. It is by Lunar Co.


There are 38 playable char. in all (Not counting DLC). 16 Characters are default. 22 are unlockable. 5+ are Downloadable.

Default (Playable)

Artwork Name Series Description Class Multiple Colors
Mario Super Mario Hero NA
Link brawl Link TLoZ Hero
Kirby Kirby Hero
Captain Olimar Pikmin Hero NA
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Country Hero
Yoshi Yoshi Hero
Mii Wii Sports Hero
Peach Super Mario Wildcard NA
Princess Zelda TLoZ Wildcard NA
Red Pikmin Pikmin Wildcard NA
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Country Wildcard
R.O.B. NES Classics Wildcard
Bowser Super Mario Villain
Ganondorf TLoZ Villain NA
King Dedede Kirby Villain NA
King K. Rool Donkey Kong Country Villain

Unlockable (Playable)


Name Series Description Class Multiple Color(s)
Luigi Super Mario Hero NA
Samus Metroid Hero NA
NES Mario NES Classics Hero NA
Blue Pikmin Pikmin Hero NA
Yellow Pikmin Pikmin Hero NA
Dixie Kong Donkey Kong Country Hero NA
Tom Nook Animal Crossing Hero NA
Pit Kid Icarus Hero
Fox McCloud Star Fox Hero NA
Princess Daisy Super Mario Wildcard NA
Pac-Man Pac-Man Wildcard NA
Mii 3D Nintendo 3DS Wildcard NA
Face Raider Nintendo 3DS Wildcard
Mii U Wii U Wildcard NA
Boom-Boom Super Mario Villain NA
Punpun Super Mario Villain
Bowser Jr. Super Mario Villain NA
Master Hand SSB Villain NA
Crazy Hand SSB Villain NA
Tabuu SSB Villain NA
Kass Donkey Kong Country Villain NA
Kamek Yoshi Villain

DLC (Playable)


Name Series Description Class Release Date
Baby Mario Super Mario Hero Launch
Toad Super Mario Hero Launch
Mega Man Mega Man Hero Launch
Bass Mega Man Villain 2012
Ganon TLoZ Villain Launch
Fierce Deity TLoZ Villain Launch
Sheik TLoZ Wildcard Launch
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Hero Launch
NES Samus NES Classics Hero 2012
NES Pit NES Classics Hero TBA
NES Kirby NES Classics Hero 2012
Meta Knight Kirby Villain 2012


The stages are in every mode (Brawl, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Kart Racing) unles specified. 10+ stages will appear. Some are DLC.

Name Series Description Status
Mushroom Kingdom Super Mario Default
Peach's Castle Super Mario Unlockable
Luigi's Mansion Super Mario DLC
Hyrule Field TLoZ Default
Hyrule Castle Town TLoZ Unlockable
Ganon's Tower TLoZ Unlockable
Dreamland Kirby Default
Pikmin 2001 Pikmin Unlockable
Pikmin Cave Pikmin Unlockable
DK Jungle Donkey Kong Country Default
Yoshi's Island Yoshi Default
Wuhu Island Wii Sports Unlockable
Village Animal Crossing Default

Beta Elements

Originaly there were no DLC and at least 65 characters. Characters like Wario and Rex replaced Mii, Mii U, Mii 3D, Kamek, Punpun, and Boom-Boom.

Future DLC Interests

  • Lunar Co. has stated that more NES Classics characters will be avalable in 2012 than announced.
  • Accoding to some random sources state in 2012 Wario, NES Classics Bowser, King Boo, Dry Bowser, Tetra, Toon Link, AR Dragon, and Baby Yoshi will be the only DLC characters.