This is MY fangame. DON'T adding new partners/characters, BUT new places! thank you!


Nintendo All-Star Football is an American Football (shortly called AF) game for the Nintendo DS, featuring Mario, Link, Kirby and even Pikachu. It's one of the best AF game of the world.


Each character is sorted in teams. Each team has 8 players. But you can make your own team... Each character are sorted in 5 groups. when sorted in an group, he or she has advantages and disadvantages:

  • Technical: Can good throw the ball and can good score (Only by long and slim characters)
  • Tricky: Moves slow, but is very tricky with the ball (Only by floating characters)
  • Powerful: Moves VERY slow, but is very powerful and can score without problems (Only by big and fat characters)
  • Speedy: Is VERRRRRRRRY fast (Only by little characters)
  • All-Around: Is overall good in for 25% (Only by characters in good format)

Teans get on of these groups, too. Where are the most of, that team is in that group. If there are 2 groups same, it's automatically All-Around.

You can make your own team, too!

Shroom Smashers (All-Around)

Triforce Tracers (Speedy)

Poké Players (Tricky)

Kong Club (All-Around)

Kirby Allies (Speedy)

Bowser Baddies (Powerful)

Goomba Enemys (speedy)

  • Goomba (speedy)
  • Para Goomba ( Tricky)
  • Koopa troopa (speedy)
  • Monty mole (speedy)
  • Hammer bro (all-around)
  • Boo (tricky)
  • Koopa paratroopa (tricky)
  • Dry bones (speedy)

Other Players (Is not an team)

  • Mona
  • Lucario
  • E. Gadd
  • Peachycakes
  • King boo


Mushroom Tourney

Maximtomato Tourney

Triforce Tourney

Super Tourney

Long-Tounge Tourney