Nintendo Adventure: Heroes Unite is a sidescroller and first in the Nintendo Adventure series. It is a collabaration between SamStation Inc. and DarkGaming Studios for the SamStation and DarkRay 55.


Photo Character Special Ability Franchise Availability
Mario Can use his Hammer. Super Mario Default
Luigi SSB4
Luigi Jumps higher and can do the Luigi Missle Super Mario Default

Can do a sword slash ability

Legend of Zelda Default
Samus SSB4
Samus Can charge up her cannon and fire Metroid Default
Kirby can 'fly' like in the SSB games and eat a minion to gain it's power and appearance Kirby Default
Fox Can use his blaster and deflector StarFox Default
Peach Can float like in Mario 3D World and throw turnips like in SSBB Super Mario Default
Pikachu Can do the electric shock attack. Pokemon Unlocked at World 2: Danger Lurking
Takamaru Can use a katana attack TBA Unlocked at World 2: Danger Lurking
Donkey Kong Can do a smashing ability Donkey Kong Unlocked at World 3: Konga Island
Diddy Kong Shoots Peanut Gun. Donkey Kong Unlocked at World 4: Konga Island



Can use the Mega Buster and Metal Blade. Megaman Unlocked at World 7: Wily's Facility



Can do the Spin attack.  Sonic Unlocked at World 8: Green Hill
Pit Can use his swords.  Kid Icarus Unlocked at World 9: Skyworld
Palutena Can shoot energy from her staff.  Kid Icarus Unlocked at World 9: Skyworld 


Photo Character Description
King Bowser
Bowser The evil Koopa King has created an army to destroy the nintendoverse!
File:Project Universal Rosalina.png
Rosalina Rosalina has been brainwashed by Bowser! Mario and his gang will have to rescue her!
Wolf The intergalactic mercinary is ready to fight!
Waluigi (mariokirby)
Waluigi Expecting a description? Too bad. WALUIGI TIME!
Ganondorf SSBF
Ganondorf A power hungry monster who wants to defeat the hero and capture the princess.... Deja vu


Mario and Luigi are in Peach's castle, and find Peach in the top room. The three see a portal and dark airships coming from it. Then there is an earthquake and the three heroes are blown off to another place. Mario,Luigi,and Peach explore and meet up with Fox,Link, Samus and Kirby. The group teams up and sets out to find Konga Island. 

A scene shows Bowser capturing Rosalina in comet observatory.

World 1: Mushroom Kingdom

At the mushroom kingdom, Toad is seen running away from koopa troops. After some platforming, Mario and his gang find Wolf in a starship. Wolf crashes into the ground and runs from the group. Mario and his team chase after Wolf. After a few levels of platforming, The group catches up to Wolf, and the first boss battle begins. Suddenly, after Wolf's defeat. Bowser and Rosalina appear on  a HUGE airship. Under Bowser's commands, Rosalina blasts all the heroes in different directions. 

World 2: Danger Lurking

Mario ends up in a strange field. He sees Pikachu, who charges an electric shock,but Mario explains what is going on and Pikachu (In Pika language, DUH!) says he will help. Meanwhile,Link and Fox are in a castle, where they see Takamaru defeating the koopa troop, and they decide to help. Suddenly, Samus and Kirby bust in to help Link,Fox, and Takamaru.