Nintendo AV
Nintendo av
The Nintendo AV.
Developer(s) Nintendo
Console Type Handheld
Subtype(s) None
Motion gaming
Backward Compatibility Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo AV is a handheld console developed by Nintendo for $95.00. The system introduces many new features to the Nintendo handheld lineup such as stereo sound, and audio input (microphone).

The AV might sell 60 million units as of 2013, making it one of Nintendo's best selling handheld consoles.

A successor to the AV, the Nintendo AVr, will release later in the same year.


Fantendo Games

In order of first release:

Virtual Console Games

None at the Moment

How to put games in

There's a slot in the back of the AV where games can be stored in to play. To put games in, they must open the slot and put a game cartridge inside. To take a game out, they must push the cartridge and it will pop out, like the Nintendo DS.


Overture logo
  • Based on the picture to the right, the Nintendo AV was named Nintendo Overture, its beta name.


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