Slogan "Get A or Get Out"

The Nintendo 64 AA was a console made by AquaAtia in 1997.It was the upgrade of Nintendo's, Nintendo 64. With this upgrade it managed to slighty improove graphics can play Nintendo 64 AA games.The console had a News Year Day release all over the world Since AquaAtia worked very hard to get it done before November then they shipped it everywhere to get it all ready for New Years Day.The Nintendo 64 AA's brother was the Nintendo 64 DD which was released 2 years after the AA, but the 64 DD didn't work out as well as the AA. The Nintendo 64 DD was designed after the Nintendo 64 AA.


  • New Super Mario Bros 64
  • Super Smash Bros AA Lock On
  • Mario Paint Doulble A Charged
  • Super Mario 64 Lock ON
25px-Flag of Japan2

January 1, 1971

25px-Flag of USA2

January 1, 1971

25px-Flag of Australia2

January 1, 1971

25px-Flag of Europe2

January 1, 1971

Discontinued April 5, 2006
Predecessor Nintendo 64
Sucessor Nintendo GameCube

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