Nintendo 64 (SSBV Stage)
Nintendo 64
SSB Special Symbol
Universe Special
Availability Locked (Unlock R.O.B.)
Competitive Status Banned

Nintendo 64 is a new stage appearing in Super Smash Bros. V.


The stage is set in the living room of a current day family who still use their N64 regularly. The battle takes place atop the N64, which at the start of the match is on the floor but hovers up to mid air right in front of the TV during the countdown. The TV will be off for a short period of time then it turns on as a battle between Mario and Bowser on Super Mario 64 is being played. The fighters then get sucked into the TV as they’re caught right in the middle of the battle dodging all of Bowser’s attacks (and dodging Bowser himself when thrown by Mario). The platform the battle takes place on is the same platform in which the battle in the original game takes place on. Right as the battle is about to end, the fighters are warped back to the surface of the N64. The TV will be off for another short period until the next game. The games featured in the stage are GoldenEye 007, Banjo-Kazooie, The Legend of Zeda: Ocarina of Time, and Star Fox 64. Each game having its own unique boss or hazard scene. It should be noted that the order of games is indeed random. Also in the background of the living room, books on the bookshelf can be seen tipping over and shadows of family members will occasionally be seen on the walls. Also at times the sun shining in the room can be really bright. These feats are huge points to detail.

Ω Omega Version (Final Destination Version)

The Omega Version of the stage is simply a more flattened surfaced N64 in the air with just games playing on the TV, but the fighters don’t get sucked in.

α Alpha Version (Battlefield Version)

The Alpha Version is the omega version with 3 smaller complementing platforms in Battlefield style.


The music for the game portions cannot be changed in My Music as everything is already set. The Living Room music can be changed, however.

Living Room