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The Nintendo 64DD was a cancelled add-on for the Nintendo 64. But, at the Combustion Games meeting in 2011, someone suggested it should be remade into a system. It was agreed, and on March 1st, it was released with a package game and a new logo

Play Features

64DD Basic Controller

64DD Controller

A Black 64DD Controller.

The 64DD Basic Controller is the main controller of the 64DD console. The 64DD Controller is somewhat similar to the Wii's Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro by the frontal button layout and that it has grips. However, the , , , , and the are found below the , also clickable. The player's number's lights from the Wii Remote, and the , have been added in the center of the controller, as it's wireless and it is battery-powered. The Wii U Pro Controller is also bulkier in appearance than the Wii's wired controllers, and the and are arranged differently as actual trigger buttons, like how they were arranged on the Classic Controller Pro, though they are now pressure sensitive. Its appearance overall makes a vague resemblance to the Xbox 360's controllers. It looks exactly like a Wii U controller.


Combustion Games Games

Other Company's Games

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