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Do not edit and delete! Nintendo 4000 is a handheld video game console that came out on July 27th, 4000. The console comes in 10 colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Gold, Sliver, and Rainbow.

What comes with the Nintendo 4000

There are different games that can be played on the Nintendo 4000. You get what you get, And you do not trow a fit.

For all of the colors, These apps come at the start: Safety Info, Make A Song, Photo Booth, Mii Plaza Returns, E Shop, Mii Maker 2, Find Mario, Settings, Movies TV, and Internet Browser.

For the red one, Here all the ones that can be get on the red one only: Background Shop, Music Shop, and You Tube.

Orange Only: Pokemon Chase, Mario Movies, and Amiibo Settings.

Yellow Only: Pikachu's Party, and Pikmin Short Movies.

Green Only: Legend Of Zelda: Wind Walker, and Sticker Book Stories.

Blue Only: Facebook, and Tweeter.

Purple Only: Face Raiders, and Mega Man 2.

Pink Only: Just Dance For Nintendo 4000.

Gold Only: Open The Coco Egg.

Sliver only: Super Mario Bros.

Rainbow only: None.

There are 2 packs.

The first pack is the 2 random color Nintendo 4000 packs. It will also come with a copy of Mario Kart Hot Pursuit: Stupid Car Wars. It will come out on the day after the game came out.

The second pack is a Animal Crossing pack. It comes with a Animal Crossing themed Nintendo 4000, And comes with a copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing: Wild Word. And it also come with a Peanut Plush and Villager's T-Shirt.

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