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The Nintendo 3.4 Palm (Usually shortened to 3.4P) is a handheld gaming system by Nintendo.


  • You can play DS, DSi, 3DS, and Game Cube games
  • You can makeFlipnotes and Flippics
  • You can take pictures and videos
  • You can record sound
  • You can play games in 3D
  • You can ajust the level of 3D-ness
  • You can ajust the size of the system

Orgin of Name

It is called the 3.4 Palm because it is in 3D (3.4 Palm), It can play games from 4 older systems (3.4 Palm) and

Picture 15

Since this was a beta virsion from before the name change, it says 34 Palm.

it can fit in your palm at its smallest size. (3.4 Palm) It was originally the 34 Palm, but the name was changed to 3.4 Palm for cirtan reasons.

Pre-instaled titles

  • Mii Maker
  • Flipnote
  • Flippic
  • LiveTV
  • Internet
  • 3.4Shop
  • Picture Editor
  • Camera
  • Sound Recorer
  • Phone
  • System Preferences
  • Comic, Book, and Magazine Rader

3.4P games


I has 4 flaps the you can close (like a top screen) and has all the buttons on those flaps.

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