The Nintendo 16 was a console by Dancing Wario Productions. It had a lifespan from 2005 to 2008.

The console booted up with Wario dancing, with the logo above him. Then it went to the menu screen. On the menu screen, Twerksalot would usually twerk, and run over the options, blocking you from clicking on them.



The place where you play the game you booted up.


The place where you go to watch Wario dance.

The C Room

The place where you go to corrupt your data. One click and your data is gone forever, no going back.

Twerk Guy Creator

The place where you go to create your own Twerk Guy.

The Big G

A room with nothing in it.


The controller was shaped similar to a GameCube controller, only instead of a X and Y button, there was a Z and a T button. The Z button made the console freeze. The T button made Twerksalot show up and start twerking, which will distract you from the game.





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